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Lois Hoffer

You do realize that the person who calls herself "Mel Ve" has a history of smearing big names in the Alternative press? People like David Icke and Brian Gerrish? she shows up as supposedly important in Kevin Annett's organization and he gets èrashed, now it's Richael Tellinger's turn? Sounds fishy to me.

Fiber glut

Alfred, it is beginning to to look like you are an employee of the cabal.

Frigga Karl

There are a lot of facts against Michael Tellinger which he did not explain (Sullivan, Heine etc...)
I would not trust him.
He should send the money to Credo Mutwa, that he is withholding from him, this would be the only correct thing to do.

Bad acting out there

Kevin Annett has been facing the same sabotage that every Human Being brave enough to take action and responsability faces when reclaiming Justice here and now in Our World/Planet - not out there or in any other dimension with or without help of other beings/species from here or not...That's the distraction/deception/deceit!!! Sheeple WAKE UP! Human Beings have to acknowledge the crimes commited against humanity and do something about it themselves here and now. If the system is too corrupted to do Justice then we have to claim our Freedom and Rights and do it ourselves instead of just watch&wait&get distracted&just talk about it mantra... Is the Golden Age coming, really? So we don't need to do anything about because of the positive timeline, I see.... The world will get fixed by miracle or higher dimension help... Now I see, really. And it's clear who's WHO - you bet! :)

Bad Acting Outt There

"Why​ such a desperate campaign now​? Because we have shown in practice that criminals in high office can be tried and convicted in common law courts; and that the authority of such rulers can thereby be nullified and replaced by we, the people, acting in our own name. That’s something no ruler can allow. But the why is even more specific.

The ITCCS discovered recently that the Vatican-Ndrangheta child trafficking network and its friends in the Canadian government – like Harper cabinet ​minister​ Denis Lebel – are making common cause with the Chinese government and its Triad criminal associates who control the pacific rim “human meat market”. And before the Chinese new year on February 19, top mob, church and government officials will be meeting in Vancouver to cement a deal.

The ITCCS was informed of this meeting on December 10​. That was​ right at the same time that Alfred Webre suddenly began his public tirade against us to derail the ITCCS and its upcoming Grand Jury in Vancouver: an inquiry into these crimes that is scheduled to convene on January 15. But I’ll leave the details of all this to an upcoming ITCCS Communique." (www.kevinannett.com)


Albert Einstein

The world is a very dangerous place. Not because bad people do bad things but because the rest of humanity does nothing.



Seeing as the statement came from Credo himself. I'm not quite sure why you are accusing Alfred of a smear campaign. He simply gave Credo the opportunity to express himself.

The above correspondence does you no favours. You seem to think that by simply couching things in bland pseudo spiritual language, whilst simultaneously being threatening and not actually addressing what Credo said, people will just go along with whatever you say.
It is pretty clear that your ego is running the show.

Thank you for giving Credo a voice and setting up an account for him.
In these last days of the old paradigm anything that is out of integrity will be exposed. The alternative community is full of opportunists. Like Credo who was born with the ability to prophecise, I have developed abilities to 'see' the last few years. Many who put themselves forward as spiritual leaders are not in any shape to be in such a role. Credo is who he says he is. Others are not.


It's interesting how the "Governments" suddennly are pushing the extraterrestrials/moon/mars/other dimensions agenda praising those that "expose" these subjects... Sometimes it's a good strategy to make humanity bounce around "out there" instead of looking at there real deal "right here"! Maybe their goal is to lock what is left of humanity "out there" in the Moon/Mars/underground bases (together w/ other creatures, naturally extraterrestrials or simply human made robots and freaky genetic modified plants/animals including humans...) and then just enjoy the marvellous blue Planet Earth all by themselves... Have you ever thought of that? Maybe, just maybe, the "vanishing" of children&adults, the underground prisons/laboratories/human slaughtering, the US dirty criminal wars, all the environmental assaults&unreparable pollution with nuclear explosions/testings in the oceans/on land/in the air + nuclear energy technology, the Transhumanist Agenda, the hijacking of the Earth/Universe's Real History and archeology - concerning the giant human civilizations and advancements for instance, hence hijacking of human future, etc) are beeing perpetraded by nazis hidding on poles (and else where) underground bases from which they are manipulating it all behind the scenes... But, you know, no one is willing to talk a out it... Since it's safer&wi$er to blame it all on the bad E.T.s "out there". Wake up Sheeple, before it's too late (Agenda 21 sounds very, very nazi, hum?). Again, maybe, just maybe they never lost the second war and are running the show!!!! That's why the Sheeple need to start thinking again (I know, it's getting harder each day with the massive poisoning in the air/water/food + all the tv&net disinformation and Technocracy distraction&pollution - smart meter, smart phone, smart tv... Everything is getting smarter then the Sheeple ...) and turn back to Smart People and conquer Earth back to Real People, Real Human Beings, Real Nature & Food in order to judge&condemn these freaky psychopaths. That's why the People will have to rise (not the reich!) and make use of the Common Law themselves. Otherwise, well... no one needs to be a futurist to guess where it will all end up, saddly.


"...Maybe, just maybe, the "vanishing" of children&adults by man made UFOs, ...."

Robert Roy Smith

To all you who wish to polarize and "take sides." DO NOT. This is nothing but individual suppositions based upon wrong and incomplete pictures leading to compounded miscommunications and misunderstandings.

VERY powerful mass mind-control technology is fully operational because the Cabal HAS LOST and it is a last ditch effort of desperation.

And -- as usual in such childish and counterproductive squabbles -- the Great False God $$$ is in the corner laughing like a hyena.

All this defensive finger pointing, posturing and he-said, she-said melodrama only exposes the "spiritual" pretenses of EVERYONE involved in so vigorously pursuing this incredibly selfish and ignorant game of division.

Just drop it and BE REAL people.

Do not automatically believe something simply because your favorite "authority figure guru" says it.

Follow your own spiritual discernment instead. And learn to separate out your own incomplete conclusions and suppositions.

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