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Harold Macdonald

check out u2bs by telepathic contactee
"excrucible mcgroove"



A gold metal for what? Greasiest lawyer on the circuit? I doubt Tom Clearwater is that successful that he has $1 million just laying around to give away. Where did you get the money from Tom?
For all things scalar go to cheniere.org
It seems you've taken a lot of liberty in stealing information from this site. Don't you know there are copyright infringements involved? How do greasy lawyers get around copyright laws?


Interesting about the brain also being the intestine...ever heard of the vagus nerve, longest nerve in the body? It connects the brain to the intestine, running along the chakras.

Jeanne St. John

To Tom Clearwater: I made a human body diagram of your scaler Tesla idea to better understand it, the human chakra system came to my mind so I tried to add it to your idea of scaler concepts. The kundalini coiled up snake, a dormant human potential seemed a good match for a component? Have you also considered this?

Timothy J Hanley


Thank you much for the insights you presented in your interview with Alfred. i very much related to what you said.

You stated:

“The human being, viewed correctly, is a walking Tesla coil...Notice, though, the requirement that there be two aetheric stress waves implies the need, at the human level, for two humans oppositely configured, each generating a single aetheric stress wave. Those opposites are male-female, which gives a renewed meaning to twin flames.”

Especially in light of the notion of two etheric stress waves and male-female opposites, are you familiar with the work of the visionary Walter Russell and his wife Lao, in terms of the connections between Nikola Tesla's science and the Russells’ science and cosmology? In recently discovered correspondence between Tesla and Russell, Tesla wrote him that his science should be locked in a vault for 1000 years until mankind was ready for it. Few people know who Walter Russell was…not surprising, in view of how applying his science undoubtedly has the potential to access the open circuit of a Tesla coil.

Regarding the Tesla-based model you presented in your interview with Albert, below is my edited transcript of what i find to be some of key points that connect your model to Russell's, taken from Robert Otey and Matt Presti’s video, “Russellian Science TEC series - Part 18 - Twin Opposing Vortices-Oposition Explained” (13:37 minutes long) at http:/www.feandft.com/russellian-science-tec-part-18-twin-opposing-vortices-opposition-explained/. Robert and Matt are the most eloquent and informed proponents of the Russells’ work; their websites are http://www.feandft.com and www.thesecretoflight.com. All segments of their TEC series are found at http:/www.feandft.com/russellian-science-tec-series/.

Also, Tom, are you familiar with the outstanding discoveries in sacred geometry of artist, sculptor and geometrician Frank Chester, whose creations are inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner, especially as Frank’s model relates to the form and function of the heart? See Frank’s presentation of his ground-breaking geometric model in the video “The Chestahedron-The Wonder of Seven” (1:12:33 long) at http://www.frankchester.com/2014/the-wonder-of-seven/. Robert and Matt have been collaborating with and promoting Frank’s work, as his discoveries in sacred geometry tie in coherently with the Russells’ work, both of which very possibly may tie in coherently with yours.

Below are my edited notes from the above-mentioned “TEC series - Part 18 - Twin Opposing Vortices-Oposition Explained.”

Thank you for your much appreciated interview with Albert, Tom.

All the best,

Tim Hanley
Henderson, Nevada

Begin notes from video:
Early investigators (like Thomas Edison) decided that there were two kinds of electricity instead of the one kind that produces motion. It was because the opposite conditions of living and dying, growing and decaying, heating and cooling, polarizing and depolarizing, and all other aspects of motion are expressed in seemingly opposite directions by seemingly opposite forces. There are no opposites directions or opposite forces, however. There are but divided sexes which exert the same force in the same direction. The one force is compression, and the one direction is spiral. That which seems to be two are one when united. They could not unite if they were pursuing opposite directions, nor could they be one if they were opposites.

The universe is made up of electricity, or electric thought waves that are loaded with the energy of mental desire to give out from its centering self to all the universe. That is the explosive that motivates this universe. That is what makes motion appear and disappear.

Electricity does but one thing. It divides an equilibrium into equal pairs and compresses them until they unite in an explosive condition around a stillpoint of gravity. Contrary to the accepted mainstream science model of the + and -dipole, winding from the N and unwinding from the S, both the N and S electric poles charge inwards towards each other. The N electric pole or gravity center controls the winding of the sphere into density, and the S electric pole, which is the six external faces of the cubic wave field, controls its centrifugal unwinding into space. 

The discharge of their electrical potential occurs in the equator in the E-W pole in the direction of the electric S, which is the six spaces of the magnetic cube. Imagine two-way spiral guns placed muzzle to muzzle throughout the universe (in a kind of kissing, in my view, as pictured in the computer simulation). The discharging of these mutually discharging cosmic guns results in an projected explosion that creates hot bodies, frozen into solids as they are elected from the muzzles of these polarizing cosmic guns. That is the way that paired units become mated systems, which completes the purposefulness of the universe by regiving to the Creator all that the Creator had given to them.

As exemplified in Viktor Schauberger’s over unity implosion turbine, the universe is Light divided in mated pairs.
End notes


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