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a) Jesuit pope is very old and therefore possibly under the Parkinson's spell, so we must take everything he says and does with caution; especially his recent visitations to Georgia and Cuba.

b) As this is the end of times (again), then one can assume everything's the opposite of what it seems, especially in the case of mixed ET vs. human roles. ETs are actually made by humans, not the opposite! :)

c) "Vast oil and gas deposits" in Russia - the big basin envisioned by Bidens for gas & oil shelling, extends from Slovyansk to Doneck (with the greatest reserves being right under Slovyansk) ;)

d) "Russia protects humanity against Jesuitism" - Russia yes, Putin no

Gisèle Demers

If these people have received warrants as you say, how come they're not arrested and emprisonned?

Gisèle Demers

Jesuits or the Society of Jesus were founded by Ignatius of Loyola

Emily Windsor-Cragg

Bergoglio is absolutely correct about ET conquest and intrusions into the political and resource-mining venues on this planet.

According to Zecharia Sitchin's translations, the Annunaki have been exploiting this planet for 450,000 years and they genetically engineered (hybridized) homo sapiens 208,000 years ago.

The fact that Hierarchies, and specially secret hierarchies, teach Annunaki ethics and cosmology is proof of their influence upon civil society down through the ages.

Alfred, you do believe in ETs, right? So, here they are and they is what they've been up to: enforcing the Emerald Covenant Treaty.

There are two lines of thinking coming out of Annunaki cosmology: 1) hierarchy in accord with the Emerald Covenant Treaty and 2) civil Law by consent of the people by which the people self-govern.

You can easily tell which of these two paradigms is leading at the moment.

Come Let Us Make Man

Alfred, I'm surprised you're surprised at all this.

with kindest regards,
Emily Windsor-Cragg

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