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Matt Kibbie von Schwerin

Wow, Emily Windsor Craig, you sure posted that a while back now, but it truly has been something I’ve been trying to find more English language sources of available information on the web about these precise differences and more on the very earliest Anunnaki Enki Vs Enlil hierarchical societies and establishment of or transferance there of onto humans and when the first ritual child sacrificing black magik blood sugar (adrenal fluid and gland) sex (child rape) magik was taught and by whom and why and how that was picked up by the Jews in exile the last time and brought out and how was it practiced amongst the Pharisees (never really says so exactly in Bible translations I’ve ever read, yet somehow I’m certain that the same practices and cults and form of ritual child torture and rape and eating and drinking of the Adrenalin spiked blood and engorged adrenal gland is something that has been virtually unchanged and practiced amongst the elite Luciferian rulers of the earth and I’ve the strongest sense of certainty somehow that this same practice and these same networks are what are corrupting our society today and that it is entirely bound up in secret societies and their all being literally almost composites of one another’s practices and true faiths at the highest levels whilst the bulk of the lower initiates as u said use the legal handed path rather than the witchcraft of the other secret hand- I’m convinced there’s stronger than we know ties between the Zionist establishment of Israel and Israel’s involvement in the 9/11 false flag attacks with Mossad running a black op using rogue corrupt factions of both cia fbi and our governments corrupt politicians from both parties and the bush and Cheney crime families and later the Clinton crime family and obama the cia cutout and fabrication strawman who lied about and betrayed everything yet his cultlike followers never noticed that he had sold them out so entranced and spellbound and brainwashed braindead have they become they literally are now insanely fanatical Hilary bot supporters who would’ve gladly risked a nuclear confrontation and global annihilation to get their completely evil and totally corrupt and phony lying pos Hillary the hag coven witch into power against the only president we’ve ever had except for JFK who has literally announced he is going to face off against the deep state and shadow govt dual Israeli and us and British and USA citizens and their patsy crypto Jew Saudis who they blamed for their 9/11 take over and the phony war on terror and vast big brother Orwellian super state they’ve unconstitutionally used since then to have taken over for their secret Masonic and Luciferian Kabbalist international brotherhoods and the Queen and Rothschilds whom we know since Charles admitted it they’re direct descendants of the Khazarian Prince Vlad the Impaler who impaled his enemies and drank their blood and this is obviously more corroborating evidence fitting hand in hand with the international human rights court in Brussels which convicted the queen mother and her consort prince Phillip in the deaths of over ten Canadian Indian aboriginal children whom they picked up from a catholic school and took on a royal “picnic” during which the one or two only surviving children who managed to escape but witnessed the disgusting black mass and ritual rape torture and sacrifice of their schoolmates who were never seeen again by church or family or tribal members and relatives after that terrifying day...
Again this fits right in with the royal families repeated scandals involving their being too cozy and too beyond normal close to at least fifty elites who were accused serial pedophiles like Freud’s grand son whose house the Podesta brothers were borrowing in Portugal when the story broke of amber McCain’s kidnapping and the police eye witness sketch artist composites of the suspected kidnappers were almost exact photographic representations so faithfully close in detail to the Podestas were their impressions of these disgusting inhuman p.o.s..

Please tell me also anything you know about the writers of revelations being gnostic Christians and therefore Luciferian if not yet then kabbalistic heretics as well and why we should in any way ever believe we should do something as good Christians like protect and always support Israel when we kno from repeatedly duplicated dna test results the Zionist Jews who today have taken over Palestine have absolutely zero genetic claim to being the descendants of the Jews in the Old Testament - and yet even tho the Palestinians are more Simetic than they are anytime you call them out as hypocrites for what they do to mass murder ethnically cleanse and genocide entire Palestinian villages etc vs their always changing and forever mutating holocaust stories death-tolls and beyond impossible claims which they’ve unrelentingly used as a control and muzzle over civil rights truth and free speech - of entire nations in Europe whom now they are forcing these massed waves of reluctant Islamic immigrants and forced repatriated refugees from Syria etc — yet if we say why don’t you take some oh anti Semitic! Yet they’ve zero Semitic blood nor dna!

So why should we defend these disgusting liars or their stolen land when they stabbed us in the back on 9/11 and have used illegal child and adult honey traps of prostitites etc run stings in ops run by Mossad and their brothers in the cia and m16 to have dirt on and then forever more control every single vote and act in dc they ever do as life long political “servants” against the people whose interest they swore an oath they’d protect... yet instead it’s Israel whose wars we fight and die in and to whom we send hundreds of billions in unneeded economic aid every year

And Jesus refused to help the Jewish fanatical nationalists and racial supremacists who believed it was their duty and right to retake Israel in a religious and patriotic war against Russian Imperialism yet Jesus refused to lead the five thousand men who awaited him on the shores of Galilee and continued to refuse to lead such stupid blood thirsty and wicked people in war as their messiah king - and instead said “render unto Caesar that to which he’s owed” meaning because the Pax Romana was worth it and there was plenty of that which was reserved for the temple dues and ones spiritual obligations were not in conflict with Roman rule or being a state within the trans Roman peace... this and the way he wrote the condemnation of the adulteress like a Roman but with the Jewish sentence which was impossible to carry out repeatedly taught that he wasn’t a fan of his contemporary Jewish colleagues and co religionists etc — yet we are to believe he would have us do the exact opposite of what he practiced or preached or what comes down to us in the gospels- which are another thing and must be a total representation and example of the very first Luciferian Hegelian dialectic of a successful subversion opp and controlled opposition op that is ongoing THRU the corruption of Jesus’s tru teachings as there’s just no way he became a literal ritual blood and cannabalostic flesh sacrifice for the elite disciples just as apparently among talmudist and other kabbalistic Luciferian phony Judaic sects only the very top are allowed to know about the truth of their worship and rites of sacrifice etc etc— no way he is the same thing tor god that these Luciferian kidnap abduct torture rape and ritually murder and drink the adrenaline spiked blood and flesh of and now Christ has suddenly become the same and that’s not in anyway a secret Egyptian mystery cult or a mithrathistic order or somehow a cult of Isis Osiris resurection witchcraft and dark occult faith??

Can you tell me or point me to sources that will answer my questions of how this all came to be and when???

Either way thank u so much for your enlightening post and it’s rich information and interesting intersections of all the various plot lines and counter plots etc

It was truly fascinating and I’d love to learn more

Best regards always and blessings and peace to you and yours


Apparently this is a little lost orphan child I was editing on the fly and wrote this all in an hour or so and I forgot about this section I kept pushing down beneath the visible part of the window and now can’t recall where it was supposed to quite fit - like I said it’s a little lost incomplete fraction of an orphan fact or an impartial series of sibling ideas or even a long lost twelfth cousin or one of the most lost of obfuscation nations tribes ever forced to start their own secret shadow kingdom - ah heck I’m loopy tired and slap silly I apologize for this epic of gilgagiberish

to who has actually ) and how the khazarian people converted and they and the Ashkenazi Jews became Zionists and began to practice Kabbalah -I read that the kabbala and tarot were projects funded by Paulo Medici in his life long feud with the pope and papacy and papal powers and he funded these brilliant writers and artists and occult magicians to develop the Kabbalah and tarot calling upon their knowledge scant as it must have been about ancient Egyptian mystery schools — and he did so to further speed the corruption and disintegration of the church’s power amongst the faithful - and that he also funded factions in the holy wars on all sides and did so of course with the same goal in mind - one in which he was obviously highly successful for he was able to both kill millions of Christians via the internicine wars of christian on vs Christian religious wars — therefore his spy networks and use of subversion and controlled opposition to divide and conquer as a crypto Jew are indeed some of the precursors to Mayer Amshel Rothschilds own disgusting Talmud and Kabbalah and tikum okum-thumping Luciferian bastardized


Alfred, the video is halting and jamming. I've been studying doctrine versus behavior in the Judeo-Christian domain for fifty years now.

No, Babylon was not about YHVH God; it was about the God Tammuz. And yes, the Babylonian Temple was about money and sex; but it was not part of the Judaic law EVER.

Judaism is a matter of Law, and today as in the past, there are anti-Talmudic Jews and pro-Talmudic Jews.

But when you say, the world's oldest profession, prostitution is part of YHVH's Law because it occurred since the Babylonian exile, such behavior (consisting of adultery) refutes the purpose of Law, which is to create good outcomes and thrive the people.

By His definition of socialized behavior, YHVH does not teach "free will" anywhere in scripture, as a practice that results in good social outcomes. He teaches good behavior. The fact people do not live up to his Teachings is upon their souls, not upon God's lack of ethical teachings.


Babylonian culture (according to its Annunaki patriarch Enki) was Hierarchy-based behavior, at odds with YHVH's (Enlil's) covenant-based behavior. There were no Jews in Babylon until Jacob's sons formed the tribes of Abrahamic observance of God-centered Law-centered devotion in Caanan, when Moses created an Israeli nation with the Law Covenant..that they consented to.

By the time Jews were exiled in Babylon in 586BC They had already split into pro-Law and pro-integration (with Caananite practices) factions.

Ethnic cleansing was and is (even today) a stipulation of ancient Orion-originated Emerald Covenant Treaty, and yes, Joshua turned from "thou shalt not kill" to exterminating whole Caananite communities immediately after the Law against Murder was given.

In any case--by definition--Luciferianism derived from Enki's teaching of absolute Free Will, like Objectivism, is a form of Sumerian Hierarchy and the anarchy of Hierarchy--not that of Law.

This very bright man does not understand the fact that Masonic orders and Churches and Corporations, Institutes, Academics ALL HAVE both Right Hand (Law-abiding) and Left Hand (Occult, Luciferian) PATHS. Under Hierarchy, there are always law-abiding and outlaw elements. Wherever there is hierarchy, there are secret conspiracies going on.

This is WHY the UCC, Roman Law, Laws of the Admiralty, all of which support and pander to secrecy ... all treat human and animal life as commodities ... because secrets are law-full; whereas in Mosaic Law, and English and US Common Laws, secrecy and slavery are UNLAWFUL.

Mixing up Judaism with the Caananite religion does not help sort out the effects and outcomes of hierarchy versus governance by consent and by Truth.

Yes, they keep getting all mixed up; however, these two very different methods of governance--Law versus Hierarchy--are as much at odds to day as they have ever been in the past.

YHVH stands for abiding in and consenting to the behaviors that create good outcomes in society ... never, for unbridled predatory or parasitic or deceptive behavior.

YHVH is my mentor. I've spent 23 years devoted to understanding his point of view. "Free will" is NOT IT. Luciferianism is NOT IT.

I hope this posting adds clarity to these issues. Yours sincerely, Emily

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, CERTPublicHealth

Why not watch the interview Emily, get the full context of the discussion around the identity of Lucifer and then comment?


There is a direct contradiction in "Yahweh is Luciferic" This is in error. an oxymoron.

Luciferian teaching says, free will is absolute. "Do what thou wilt." No holds barred freedom; anything goes.

By contrast, Yahweh [via Enlil the Annunaki] based his entire relation with the Jewish nation on a Covenant--on Law-based behavior, becoming a self-regulating society.


So, nobody can pin Luciferianism on Yahweh. Not correct.

Emily Windsor-Cragg

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