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dana wills

Doesnt it make a lot more sense that entities so concerned with our breeding and genetics, as well as how we are treating OUR home planet, would not likely be aliens at all, but a split off line of humans, or otherwise be just as much a part of and native to, our planet, as we are? Why would fucking ALIENS from ridiculous light years of distances away, be so concerned about human breeding and genetics and our shitty, slip-shod caretaking of the planet? WHY would such beings put so much time and effort and worry into US on those levels? The whole idea of aliens being behind all this NOT making sense already? That's because it shouldn't.
Check out any of the books by John Keel or Jacques Vallee to get a much better idea about what all this crazy shit could be about, or look for WM Michael Mott interviews right here on Youtube. I dont think anyone really has a true, complete picture of just what the fuck is really going on here, but Im pretty sure those 3 guys offer some fairly large pieces of the puzzle.

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