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Philip Ken Freeman

This is giving me hope for 2017 help from the stars.I wonder how to get the nuke power plants shut down ? Phil


Dear Alfred

This is just for you....

I see you a lot on the web e.g. interviews with Kevin A and so on.

Every time I see you, you restore my faith in humanity.

You are an absolutely gorgeous human being.

I cannot thank you enough for your contribution - please keep on keeping on.

Best Wishes


Amba Kenney

Dear Sirs: will we all be seeing the good ET's landing on our planet in the year 2017 ??? or before the year 2017 ?? Thank You, Amba K.

Amba Kenney

Dear Sirs: Will we all on this planet be in the 5th dimension by the year 2017 ??? ( us and our planet Ascended ??? And will the good ET's be coming in an Opened, Public, global visitations to our planet in the year 2017 ??? For everbody to see them.
Thank You,
Amba K.

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