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Farel Footman

I have enjoyed many of your interviews, especially with Leuren Moret and Peter Kling (About Book of Revelations). I know you are quite knowlegeable about these times. However, in the latest video with Peter, he bemoans the fact that he is back on the old grid when according to the great beings like Prime Creator the 3D matrix has been completely dismantled and 2018 begins the ascent of our planet and those of us who want to go along into 5D, which is the realm of the divine. The vibrations are extremely high and all we need do is align with them through prayer or meditation chiefly. The Trump Prophecies by Mark Taylor explains how Spirit is here now working through Trump to move us into this New Paradigm. We all should be in joy, because the old paradigm of duality is done and we are moving upward toward unity consciousness. Dr. Calleman's latest blog explains how this is the case accordingtothe Mayan Calander. In Peru this time is called Pachacute or the turning of the world right side up. The new 5D matrix or grid is crystalline and we who are spiritual will be acquiring a crystalline body or light body in order to integrate with the 5D vibrations. So Be in Joy, as A A Michael often says on Steve Beckow's site goldenageofgaia.com. The Awakening has begun. And the rennaisance is here.


THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO ALFRED. THANK YOU for being here present with us. Unwavering strong, serving with heartfelt, glorious and all loving ways. Encompassed by your vigourosly enlived INTERESTS, towards the wellbeing of all Life and Beingness, the earthly plane, the planes and spheres beyond, are ready to receive all what this work and absolut commitment is offering and enhancing as Truth. Bringing to fruition, for all of us who see it too: Healing hearts, clear and sound sensing minds and a rich, deeply fullfilling joyous Way of life.

Joe Mathew

This is very nice topic.Our politics is now introducing new thoughts and ideas.


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