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Luis Magno


Luis Magno

PROBLEM: We demand ideological choices at the secular and transsecular levels from The Powers That Be (TPTB).

REACTION: We organize at the soul level where unity consciousness is a given.

SOLUTION: A new governing Matrix created from the ground up.

Luis Magno


20-10-14. ¿La familia Dragón ha tomado control de la Junta de la Reserva Federal?
por Benjamin Fulford

20 oct 2014

Fuente y comentarios en inglés: http://benjaminfulford.net/2014/10/20/did-the-dragon-family-take-control-of-the-federal-reserve-board/#comment-285456

Luis Magno

Project Organize

To organize the masses mentally, the opposite of mental slavery. To organize the masses to think coherently and logically within a given rational collectively and individually defined sovereignty matrix.

Luis Magno

The idea is to organize the disorganized masses with whom I identify experientially but not historically.

Luis Magno

Basiago for President in 2016?

Andrew D. Basiago is a Mars experiencer. That does not qualify him to be President.

Humanity has been on a positive timeline since December 21, 2012.

Washington, DC was inundated in June 2013 under the negative timeline that ended on December 21, 2012.

Barack H. Obama was elected under that same negative timeline.

Andrew D. Basiago can never be President. Humanity is finished with that negative timeline.

Luis Magno

The New World Order is here and now.
Chaos, confusion and misdirection.
Organize the mass mind.
Order out of Chaos.

J. G.

Dear Mr. Weber,

In lieu of the fall-out with Kevin Arnett, I'd like to commend, Donald Marshall to your attention.

I believe he is a perfect fit to peak revelance to all that you are doing.

Mr. Marshall is a rebelling lluminati, whose website is:


I am sure that you can make profound sense and much needed clout of his knowledge.


J. G.


Enough with the corrupted gov't secrecies, time to go public with this ET Disclosure whether brainwashed (sheeple) people are ready or not. I'm tired of waiting for a better world. I want out of this illusionary Matrix! Dear God, please make this happen.

Maria Jindra

Dear Alfred,

Love you and your information shows, please watch this Call for Action youtube regarding Geoengineering and please get this out to all. We need to act this week as a collective. Thank You Alfred, Maria

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