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This is my new production: "A Case for the Planet earth" Please pass it to your friends. It contains vital information. Thank you.


Get the PowerPoint of this video at (FB and Youtube are censoring the PPT file):

This video presentation teaches the audience
1. How my Canadian chemtrails and geoengineering criminal lawsuit has made a big impact in fight against conspiracies, chemtrails and geoengineering, HAARP, Illuminati, Club of Rome and Global warming fraud
2. how to prove chemtrails exist
3. The process of formal Chemtrails and Geoengineering petition
4. The process of private prosecution for chemtrails and geoengineering criminal lawsuit
5. Difference and similarity between chemtrails and geoengineering, where they overlap and where they do not
6. Why you must mention BOTH chemtrails and geoengineering in your Petitions, correspondence with the government and in your lawsuits
7. Effect of aerosol on climate and weather
8. CO2 and Global warming Fraud
9. Relationship of different terms with each other such as weather modification, chemtrails, geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management (SRM), Stratospheric Aerosol Injection (SAI), Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG) etc.
10. Why reject the claims of “informed consent” raised by some people in regards to the US Public Law 105-85
11. Orgone, Chemtrails and Chembuster
12. Infiltration of Mafia and Nazi’s in Canadian politics, law enforcement, criminal justice system and US navy and NATO respectively

Account Deleted

Thank you Alfred!

Time to pool our knowledge and resources, cooperate, take peaceful action, and become mainstream media.

Geo-engineering Criminal Lawsuit Florida http://www.geoengineeringlawsuit.ca/

Ask for police protection from CHEMTRAILS; an INHUMANE ACT ON A POPULATION, crime against humanity, assault on Earth, and all life. http://www.executivereasoning.com/globalmarch/
Police officers took an oath to uphold the law. Failure to receive new information and take action to prevent crime under the Criminal Code Canada 467:11 [1] is an indictable offence.

Protecting us transforms police and military into the enforcement arm of the 99% instead of the 1%. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Misprision_of_felony

ITCCS established New York Common Law Court to prosecute chemtrailers. For information email Kevin Annett [email protected]

How to set up a Common Law Court of Justice http://itccs.org/the-common-law-and-its-courts-a-community-training-manual/

Photographic Collection of Undisclosed Solar Radiation Management Worldwide

Geo-engineering Whistleblower Ex-Military Kristen Meghan, Hauppauge, NY http://youtu.be/jHm0XhtDyZA and CHEMTRAILS http://youtu.be/CjujZ4Pr5u4

To get out of the mess we are in requires cooperation, collaboration, and peaceful action by a vast number of people, to end crimes against humanity, Earth, and the Spirit that gives each of us breath, awareness, and freewill, to reclaim and restore this planet.

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