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Daniel Rey M;.

Alias, thank you for having the patience to send a reply. It was only now that I found out it was there. There was an URL in the statistics section of my blog that led here. Someone had taken a look at that interview with ex-SEC lawyer Aguirre. I took out my old UFO/ET file and saw that what you and I have mentioned is all in a 21-page report by Cooper titled "Majesty Twelve", and yes, he does understand that EM waves going through outer space can arrive and heat things, but his reasoning about things cooling in a vacuum is mistaken. Actually all of that is irrelevant. All that matters is the fact that we're being and have always been watched closely, and the further fact that Cooper eventually denied this. The idea that his country is under the control of whopping-rich capitalist Marxists is funny, but his violent death, which he could have avoided, was not.


Just to clear up your mistake in the comments, he doesn't claim heat through radiation can't travel in a vacuum, only that with the existence of no molecules or very few that heat is inactive until it hits matter. He states the vacuum does nothing to the temperature but makes in inactive until it hits matter. Meaning the heat from direct sunlight would of actually fried the astronauts inside there suits and wouldn't of been possible to cool in space suits they was shown to be wearing. Also the rotating Apollo craft moving away from the sunlight wouldn't of cooled the ship down but instead been like a chicken on a spit. Do you understand how heat works? Molecules vibrate and produce heat, in a vacuum where next to no molecules exist no heart can exist until that radiated heat source hits matter, and cooling would only occur when that same think was taken out of direct sunlight, this also would be a slow process as a vacuum is an insulator. I seen how people try to debunk this using bad science all the time.
As I side note I don't believe everything the man said but his science on the moon landing does make sense when it's correctly understood.

Daniel Rey M.

That comment doesn't mean that I'm a gov't. agent. I realize that the US (and all other Western so-called "democracies") is actually a plutocracy, as denounced by Columbia U. economist Ferdinand Lundberg in his 1968 bestseller THE RICH & THE SUPER-RICH- A STUDY IN THE POWER OF MONEY TODAY. The Securities & Exchange Commission is one of the tools that Wall Street uses to steal huge amounts of money through insider trading. Ex-SEC lawyer Gary Aguirre told about this in a Radio Netherlands Worldwide interview the transcription of which I recently placed at one of my blogs (http://transcripcionesreveladoras.blogspot.com/2016/04/cheating-at-securities-and-exchange.html). There are many outrageous stories relating to ETs. I don't think there are any reptiloids, insectoids and felinoids among them. They're advanced humanoids who communicate telepathically with people who have reached a moral level similar to their own. They will never make an official appearance because they respect our intimacy and they know that most human beings would find the presence of mindreaders disturbing and intolerable.

Daniel Rey M.

He was utterly confused. First he believed that ETs were here, then that UFOs were actually secret weapons made in USA. He was also one of those people who think that there was no manned Moon landing. His knowledge of basic physics was that of a schoolchild, so that he argued that no one had reached outer space because space agencies talk about the Sun heating things there and that was supposed to be impossible since heat can't travel through a vacuum. So how, then, does the Sun manage to heat our planet, to the point of causing skin burns? There are three ways in which heat can be transferred: by conduction, by convection and by radiation, the latter being the way it travels through outer space. Most of Cooper's ideas are worthless. Also, for a while after his decease there were racial messages at his website written by people with a Nazi mentality. I read there that Nordic people were superior because they had "character". The text included a sketch that showed a blond male.

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