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Ron Hamar

Arthur did not go to Mars for the NSA.
He was not at Livermore during that time, either.

You kids do NOT know the facts, so please STOP broadcasting FALSE information

You are supposed to be Lawyers? But cannot keep the facts straight! WOW.

Must be PSYOPS here on this website

Ron Hamer

LISTEN CAREFULLY to the Disclaimer Art Neumann made at the beginning of his talk at the Awake and Aware Time Travel Conference held in Glendale, California.

Ron Hamer

Art Neumann's information has been highly salted with BS from Camelot and the Basiago crew.

Do Not believe a word those organisations publish!!!

Halvor Halvor

With particular relevance to the mentioned human-insect hybrids of Mars I am working on a depth ontology text which I happened upon a few years ago. It's a scan of a German brochure and I'm working on an English translation (slowly).

http://de.scribd.com/doc/201912059/Insektoid-%E2%80%93-depth-ontology-unknown-origin (please read document notes in English)

My take is that the insect - human conflict room is one of our biggest as yet unacknowledged challenges in the exopolitics arena. We need to move on from the Starship Troopers horror dystopia into something constructive, and I find this text to eminently fill that prescription.

As for the exopolitics field in general I have stated before that it is my opinion that the religious aspects need to also be expressly acknowledged and accepted, specifically as they relate to esoteric religious elites on our planet. They are powerful. They are not ignorant, on the contrary they are highly informed of all the things people in both exopolitics and ufology as well as related spiritual subjects discuss and share. And they have agendas and forceful means to push those forward. The exopolitics field perfunctorily and imperatively must rise to address and meet these challenges to stay relevant.

Finally, I wrote "An initiative for global spiritual convergence, addressed to Alfred L. Webre" a few yearsa ago. I know Alfred has read it. I invite more to read it and for the issues it raises to be included in the exopolitical discourse.

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