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I have also had something similar, although I believe it was years ago during a dental procedure. I'm 33, and have some symptoms which you discuss there. I've been gangstalked and also recieved a rfid chip from a h1n1 vaccine. Whoever did this must be experimenting with me but it seems as if I've been targeted my whole life. I hope you keep well. My research tells me there aren't any doctors who will remove them as they are all sworn to keep this a secret. Check out the articles by Dr kilde on rense. With love from Canada.


I'm 27 years old. I like in Oklahoma City.

I found out in October 2014 of nano-brain chip/ brain chip. Over the past three months, through extensive abuse by perpetrators, I have learned and been told (through mic), implant was placed by a doctor (from Dallas) in May 2012, after I was drugged by perps in the bar, located on first floor of my apartment building in downtown OKC. The doctor was paid $600 to do procedure.

The implant is in my left ear canal, behind my left ear drum. It includes microphone, through which I can hear abusers and electrodes used for reading and controlling thoughts, including recording portions (emotions and cognitive details) of childhood memories and playing them in real-time so affect my current state, biomagnetism to do things to my body, including magnetizing blood, heart and skin, and changing elasticity, worsening posture, controlling fine-motor skills. The perps tell me they can access, by device similar to computer, by memories and play them on a monitor (like a movie/video).

Additionally, I have learned and been told that since implanted in May 2012, my memories, including those of my childhood, have been accessed, my muscles inflated, my skin and fat inflated, my brain electrocuted (so that I froze and my brain waves - perps have as part of setup- went flat), my heart being pooled with blood and magnetized at music festival and actually stopped - I died, and perps shocked my heart several times so that I was resuscitated.

This is still going on. I am in living Hell. I am scared and need help.

After the research I'm allowed to do by perpetrators, I believe my nano-brain chip or brain chip is silicone based, measuring 5mm x 5mm, 450um thick, with platinum electrode fingers.

I had IAC completed (image slices @ 1mm) at hospital in OKC. I had film reviewed by four neuroradiologists in Plano, TX area. I personally spoke with these four doctors, as well as radiologist at hospital where IAC done. They all agree that, due to chip thinness and lack of radiodense materials, it cannot be imaged by radiographical means.

I sought the help of otolaryngologist in OKC. However, due to lack of op report and legitimate record of procedure and radiology film not imaging chip, otolaryngologist, will not consider probing my ear, not even touching it.

In further effort to have chip removed and end this nightmare, I created a Craigslist account and posted ads in several U.S. cities, imploring the medical assistance of an ENT or ENT resident to remove this chip.

I need chip removed immediately. I'm desperate.

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