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Robert Terrance Mullane

Brilliant, Ole. Ive been a scholar of these covert murders since I was eleven years old. That bleak November day when Il witnessed the grizzly murder of my Irish Catholic hero JFK

russ hook

Geez, I am sure glad all this DEATH and DESTRUCTUON was carried out by 'ELITES' and not PSYCHOPATHIC PODOGSHIT! That's a load off me alleged mind! Jou got any spare Stockholm Syndrome? Or maybe i could borrow yer KNEEPADS for a bit?

Robert T. VanBuskirk

I have heard that the television show "Fringe" et. al. are based on the real life c.i.a. project "x-men" where newborns were injected with some sort of enhancement serum. Supposedly, this took place at the Jacksonville NAS Hospital towards the end of 1967. I was born there on 11/29/67 and have had a massive amount of ODD events happen in my life. If you can please point me in the right direction where I can obtain more info on this subject, I would be MOST grateful. So far, I cannot find anything on the net concerning this. All I have to go on are rumors. I have felt so alone and I need some answers to the insanity which has consumed my life since I was a very small child. Thank you for your consideration.


Hi alfred

Have you terminated your relationship with Kevin Annet?

I really like Kevin's honesty and exposure of the cabal
Please have him back on your network
Thank you

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