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I am a target of this technology but it seems to be completely independent from other physical people with a core group of holographic avatars that harass me verbally 24/7 during the waking state, but not during sleep.

keith dawson

keith from Australia again, also I have learnt a lot by listen to rauni kilde on you tube her comments have taught me just wat really goes on in life how these manipulaters an criminals try an control the world. I also learnt a lot from barrie trower on you tube with his comments I have spoken to him ova phone very helpful an he is a natures gentleman,aswel as listening to magnus Olsson aswel I have spoken to magnus ova phone aswel he is a very helpful aswel. so ti,s if u have time listen to thoughs three people an u will learn a lot an it will even help u with ur situation aswel. iv had to look ova seas for help as in Australia we don't seem to have the help. an remember if u have been chipped it will be by somperson u no as it is like that with my situation.an they can make strangers u don't no look like they r following u trust me I have learnt its just the technology they have can do that to other people to make it seem like that, so if my advice can help other ti,s be calm an u must take time out to prey for the luv an the lite energy for every body around the world I learnt that from watching rauni kilde advice I prey every day sumtimes five times a day for everybody around the world for the villans an the victims so whoever reads my comment try doing to help everyone.i thought that I used to get followed it took me a long time before I researched an read to c how micro chips in us can control other people around us once u relise that it will make u relax an don't worry wat u c or here around u as it is nothing I hope my comments can help other ti,s around the world thank u regards keith australia

keith dawson

hello im writing from Australia I ahave been targeted wether it is a micro chip or the new technology. wat I have worked out is who ever is targeting me can control other people around u witch make it look like the other people r against us but really the don't even no wat the situation is. if that can help other ti,s that people don't follow u its the person controlling u that can control the other people to make it look as though they r regards keith dawson australia


raumi kildes book bright light on black shadows is available only on amazon Canada or contacting the publisher,who can give a discount price to any TI. He is looking for more people to buy the book, and expose the truth.

Mrs C Cramer

Been afraid to do much research as they have hacked our accts and have used them, and I took screenshots, video and pictures. I have 100s of phone numbers,videos of them in their jumping clothes. Several questionable deaths and I'm too smart for my own good or too stupid. I need help or someone to go to. I fear for our lives at this point. I can feel them and I've been taping them for over a year.


I'm being taken hostage in a brutal way by a German brain-to computer group abusing "synthetic telepathy" and microwave to a very harmful level.
I have burn-marks on my body.
The German group identifies itself as Juelich/Max Plank and others BCI bio-engeneering "research", operating at "University-level", probably from Brisbane St Lucia, with several network members elsewhere on their network. My cortex has been mapped and severely abused in reverse-command.
They're running a "defying sleep deprivation" and Elements of "Monarch" on my organism remotely.
The harrassment is 24/7 and severe.

What do you advise ?

Wolf , Dipl. of Soc Sc, Sydney

Julia Ann Farr

I am a Victim of Electronic Torture, and I am a 65 year old woman from Auburn AL. The only way I know to fight this Harassment is to keep exposing this Horrible Crime.
Thank you!


I feel very bad about the passing of Dr. Rauni Kilde. I enjoyed her discussions on mind control, ufo's, lo sobrenatural. I wish I could find out if she in fact published her final book. Bright Light on dark Shadows. No existe la muerte was excelente. Does anyone know if the book she wrote was in fact published?

Jane Delamere

I am the victim of a brain microchip .implanted against my will..iam being electronicly tortured and gang stalked.it happened while visiting miami as a tourist in sept 2014.lneed urgent help with scanning and removal of this microchip imlant asap.please!!! it is urgent!!! Plus447424985527...this is serious i am sick eith the radiation and the constant torture micfrom the microwave signal frequency.i know mr magnus olsson as had personal experience also.contact me and free to ccontact mr magnus olsson on my behalf please thankyou

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