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So, basically, the rough area where MH370 is thought to have crashed (i.e., the Southern Indian Ocean) is most likely correct, with the wreckage drifting to Reunion in the intervening time.


7. introduction of various complementary currency systems with negative interest rate, cc systems as tested with the help of Bernard Lietaer worldknown cc expert in Lithuania (Dora system for teaching and elderly-care); in Japan (many hundred complementary currencies including Fureai Kippu elderly care cc system), in Switzerland (zeitboerse.ch and kisszeit.ch time-based social purpose cc systems and wir.ch business-to-business, the modern world's oldest operating cc system). Different (!) complementary currencies for social, for industrial, for commercial, for community/state, for environmental, for transportational purposes, with demurrage (negative interest rate), and most of these can be digital as well.
8. weekly unconditional basic income as being in the process of implementation in Switzerland, where experts had tested that in Africa, which cuts on various community (state) costs we have today and promotes the self-expression of souls instead of striving to survive.


Jct: This guy's on the right track:
6. World Debt Forgiveness – Global forgiveness of all public and private debts – a world bankruptcy for a bankrupt system and an end to the debt – fiat money prison system. Criminalization of charging interest on money and of fractional reserve lending.
7. Reinvention of money as a human right and public utility like air, water or electricity available for creative investment at public money utilities. A global ban on privately controlled central banks like the “U.S. Federal Reserve System” and on privately owned commercial banks. Licensing of consumer cooperatively owned banks. Imposition of heavy criminal penalties for violation and astronomical fines, for individuals, organizations, and nations.
8. Social guarantees in the form of annual income, health care, and elementary, secondary, and post-secondary education for every person on the planet, for life.

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