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Lol!! I love this topic, it's better then a Sci if movie, if the flyby is real it could not come at a better time!


Fuck you, you are nothing but a liar, muslims dont believe in your shit.

Kirt Dare Lacey

So tom just curious what brought you to this link today? I remember just learning about this last year, and its just now starting to make a little bit more headway with some popular magazines, including Maxim. I know Fox New's can be sketchy on some of their reports put they too just recently posted an article on "PLANET X" thats at least one national new corporation that is interested in this. This is why I ask you what made you respond to this?


Knock off the crap, Planet X , nibiru does not exist! There is no brown dwarf star in our solar system! Nibiru is actually a name given to Jupiter in ancient times.


Prepare your Afterlife exit route too:
1:Google Simon Parkes death trap
2:Google Tricked By The Light
3:Google Robert Morning Sky death trap
4:Google Pleiadians don't go to the light
5:Google Val Valerian death trap
6:Google Cameron Day why i am no longer a Light Worker
7:Google Rich West soul trap
8.Google Alex Collier soul trap
9.Google Wes Penre soul trap

Frances Morris

What meds are you on, Joshua????


Am I the water bearer?


Oh, and I was not chosen because I was a good person, I was chosen, because I have faith that even I could be redeemed, and there was not even a single seed of murder within my heart. Yahweh called me his "Man of Peace" and many other names, some which seemed blasphemous to me and I refused to do His work if it did not end with Peace.

Therefore, I bring you the Four Directions of the Age of Aquarius, a new covenant.


Hehe, a sneaky peek... I gotta be careful, the Waterbearer has not yet met me, though the 810 came to the 616 at one time, I am sure I saw him here...


Nobody believes me, but I am the one they sent ahead of time. Yahweh taught me who I am, and when I did some research, I was amazed that these things are true. It doesn't matter, I will be raised up by the Hebrews, in California soon, though I am still waiting for them to provide for me, as they do.

The Jews will call me Messiach
The Christians will call me the Son of Christ, the 2nd Son of David
The Muslims will call me Isa, and the Second Son of the Spider
But I am telling you, I am just a man, a plan, a canal, panama

The Great Reverse Engineer of the World

Benjamin Pinzon

If human beings life expectancy is only 70-80 years and we are talking about billions years life for every planets, galaxies, stars, light-years, travel in space. lets propagate life in all planets in all galaxies to cope up with human existence in our universe also for billion years. How i wish to be reincarnated for another million years to find out if life DNA still survive.

Benjamin Pinzon

Nibiru is real awaiting our planet and humanity a near cathastropic event, besides d careless use of nuclear weaponry.So, we need to explore newly discovered habitable planets for human beings to live in. I mean we must seed life to preserve our DNA to other galaxies. we speak off billion galaxy, stars, planets, light years n ages but human life span average 70-80yrs. WHAT!

Radek Szalankiewicz

this is true real change will be at our perspective of reality life will change forever 2016 january


Alfred, you were RIGHT regarding the Courtney Brown RV study for June 1st 2013 disaster scenario. It was a holographic creation of some malevolent greys twisted to amplify the scene/situation for the viewers. When I saw a picture of Sydney with fog over the harbor bridge, I knew instantly, the vision was changed to allow for catastrophic interpretation. Yes, we tend to fall for that trick!. But your awareness prior brought many insights into holographic tampering.

As for Nibiru, there will be NO actual negative effects whatsoever, all spins of syops have been used up!. I have always known that!. I do welcome the actual viewing of a flyby. The "KillZone" meme has been cooked up by Ed Dames and it should really die off, our focus on humans need greater effort as that is the biggest problem we have.
Appreciate your work and honesty. Best Regards.

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