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I agree with this article, count my vote for man-made disaster. I've been employing the DutchSinse method of watching radar feeds to see what kind of weird experiments are going on.

Not by total coincidence and only 2-3 days ahead of the Calgary event I watched a massive 'pulse ring' erupt on the live radar screen, originating west of the Rocky Mountains but extending east well into central Alberta. I say not a total coincidence because I live on the Westcoast and so I watch our little area of the continent more often than other areas. This is also not the first time I have seen 'ring' signatures from this particular area, in fact I've got screenshots going back almost a year or longer (I've been following Intellicast since mid 2011).

I have not uploaded the screenshots I took as yet to my blog because I've been curious to see if anyone else would report on this story in the same vein. After reading this article I'm thinking I should probably put them up on the web sooner rather than later for others to comment on.


Yes, you are correct this was a deliberate attack on Canada/Calgary by the "controlling elites" using weather control technology.

But you're not really aware of who controls the secret service, the military of the US and Canada who in turn has complete control of HAARP and other weather control technologies.

Let me tell you.

They are under direct control of the Jesuits. The Jesuits at the Vatican are the controllers of the "Illuminati". What they really are is actually a bunch of secret societies set up by the Vatican for the purpose of infiltrating every government/institution of importance for their benefit. They are headed by the Black Pope, currently Adolfo Nicolas, however, the current new Pope Francis is a Jesuit as well so I think he is higher ranked than Adolfo at this point in time.

Their goal is complete domination of every man, woman and child on the face of this planet. The world population count is too high for them to manage though, so they want to get rid of at least 90% of the people if not more down to a manageable size.

The Jesuit Order is the New World Order.

If you don't expose them you don't expose anything.



This is exceedingly useful information.

We alerted Prime Minister Harper on June 24, 2013 that the events in Calgary may have been "a weather war attack" but we did not yet have the data you have presented.

Go to following link and scroll down to Bilderberg Club who we believe were behind the attack.


Two weeks ago, the notorious Bilderberg Club, that once plotted the destruction of Canada, and the seizure of its water resources held its meeting under the New Moon, a time for high magic, in a Grove, like ancient druids, at a town called after a water crossing, Watford (water ford).

This was no co-incidence. The Bilderberg Club uses symbolism so its message is understood by those who know how the game is played.

Prime Minister Harper and his government have offended many Bilderberg Club members because they have resisted the Bilderberg Club attempt to destroy Canada and seize its resources.

In the short term, the best way to destroy Canada is to destroy the heart of its oil industry and the Bilderberg Club knows that.

The weapons of weather modification are well developed and the Water War attack on Water War Criminals in Alberta was obviously planned to coincide with Prime Minister Harper`s return to Canada and the summer solstice - June 21, 2013 - when the flooding began.

The "moon magic" performed at the Bilderberg Conference is "manifesting" in the "sunlight" of the longest day .

Average Canadians and their media are too dumbed down to understand that the "old world order" centered in Europe does not intend to let Canada slip out of its grasp.


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