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Alfred, you are no stranger to the fact that association with Kevin Annett makes you look bad in the eyes of many Native people here in Canada. Contrary to what he'd have everyone believe, he's no longer welcome in Six Nations territory..(this is from the official spokesperson who once trusted the man).... As for defamation you'd have to prove some kind of loss due to the comments which in my opinion were not part of the public domain but were tattles by someone trusted to not blab his opinions publicly. I've been called worse things and had my life threatened by some of Kevin's supporters... So what? The co-intel tired refrain you and Kevin like to throw out at anyone who disagrees with you is rather ironic given his ability to infiltrate popular movements and create division and your refusal to answer questions about your own past affiliations. Why does Eric John phelps support Kevin Annett knowing that you do as we'll? Because the agenda is to demonize Christianity? To usher in a New Age World Order while claiming to fight it? This is how I see Kevin and likely Corso lumps the two of you in the same basket. My only suggestion is to develop a thicker skin ...if Kevin really is a Saint then you've got nothing to worry about....


dave... ha, he lacks a lot... yep
sides with pro-pedo group yep. seen that #FWH bs.

Patricia Altair

Alfred, U have a lot of friends...well earned. If that makes you dangerous...it must be a good thing.
It will take more than accusations to turn you into a Dark One. "From their works you shall know them" seems to fit right now. Thank You for your good works.

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