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« Is Soetoro/Obama a good soul that is (a) under mind control and unconscious he is implementing NWO, or (b) consciously infiltrating NWO so as to overturn NWO? | Main | Exposes of Barack Hussein Obama/Barry Soetoro by Alfred Lambremont Webre »


Adolfo Rios Pita Giurfa

This hermeneutical interpretation is correct, though it only shows one of the possibilities: the negative one. We are already in another lane in the time line highway. Perhaps those having pursued for so long a "global governance" will try their "best" before their end.
But it´s too late kids, party is over!


So, those superstitious ETs currently running the show on Earth have two more of their "SuperMoon" omens by the end of this year, and then they have a total Sun eclipse visible in all of the U.S. in August next year.

If we manage to survive all that, we have it! :)

P.S. Awake finally - ALL OF US ARE NOT ONE! This statement applies only to humans; but there are obviously non-humans on Earth, and they are not one with humans! Forget it! We can't heal them or change them or influence them, until we find the medical solution to their psychopathy diagnosis. - Please come to terms with that fact. :)


... to Obama's list, one must add the fact that the Middle East (once paradise on Earth for the common folks) became a living hell while he was presiding the U.S. - that's enough for me to know which agenda he serves.

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