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Barbara Sandlin

If your interested in the facts about Barak Obama and WHO he really is...You may find this article and videos pretty interesting. Please read and share this....

Brian A. Caldwell

These are all on my agenda. I think daily about the ocean floor, having been artificially Montauked to that location precisely 3 years ago to the day. And the 3/11/11 date is still fresh. I wake up everyday with all this destruction on my head. Not like I did any of it, but I can do something about it, to pick apart the links and threads of all of it, a clear head is necessary for it. And also to place myself in a more reputable position means to not be under mind control or subject to directions from remote controllers. So I think, "Sky of Blue, Sea of Green," that's the goal, as the ocean will appear green as the bioremediation kicks in after the leak is sealed, then the food chain will be reignited, then the plankton can have a meal, and start that life support system over. It seems to be a priority that no one in the media seems to be concerned about, even alternatives, are in salacious celebrity minutae and rumor-mongering and complete nonsense, distractions, people forget that life on earth in it's current state is not livable for humanity, they focus instead on the foibles or eccentricities or misstatements from those concerned with fixing all of this, attacking the answers to all of their problems as if it were a mortal enemy. But besides all this, don't forget to floss. I had let it go but started again. Dental hygeine is everyone's responsibility.


Ok! Then where does Bush & Cheney fall into all this? What is now going on, was started under previous administrations and seems to be supported by all after they get elected.

Until I see the whole picture, I can not allow myself to believe that all this just started after Obama got elected.

In fact, something major happened, when Obama agreed with bush before he got in office, too bail out the banks with a scheme that was designed before Obama - FACT!

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