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There are inconsistenceies in this - the description refers to Dissolution of Great Britain and subsequently refers to Queen of England and to English Citizens - this seems to fly in the face of both the Act of the union of the Crowns and the Acts of Union of the Parliaments.
I would therefore declare avizandum

I would add Is it not the case that Britain does not have the Magna Carta, but if it applies it applies only to England? . . .

Kevin Annett

Well Tom, probably that's because you're still dwelling in their illusion ... the enforcement has already happened. The real issue is, why aren't you living in the new freedom we have provided? We can't remove your mental chains for you.


this is exactly the kind of announcement that detracts from what little credibility the ITCCS has thus far earned. Not only have they no enforcement capabilities on any of their "decisions", now they have the nerve to come along and declare GB defunct. really? it doesn't look that way to me.


Britain already has the Magna Carta, we don't need a new constitution.

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