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Thank you Alfed Webre, for telling the truth concerning our Moon above! This artificial orb was brought-in 12,500 years ago, after the meteorite hit the Earth in 13,000 b.c. by an alien-race, tilting this planet 10 degrees, there-by cutting our universal link. In September 2015, I have been informed by the Galactic Federation of Planets, the Moon will be imploded, causing our planet to rotate 90 degrees, placing both North and South America on the New Equatorial line. This will provide four growing seasons, with no winter except in the mountains. Get ready for the shift now!


Near Dulce New Mexico, exists a deep-underground military base(D.U.M.B.)that is where the Reptilian's/Grey's are currently taking our kidnapped-children. They are being hooked to drainage devices which tap the pituitary glands, removing the hormonal secretions, then mixed w/ chemicals to feed the Grey's infant population now in the 20-30,000 range. This facility will be destroyed in 2015 along w/ the Moon above. Then Star Trek will officially begin w/ our admission into the Galactic Federation of Planets. Strap your seat-belts on soon!


New and important info about the moon with links to scientific russian papers and (Google)translation links:


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