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Ryan Jameson

I don't not trust nor believe old president bush is good intention nor Barack Obama and pope Benedict and the new false prophet new pope Francis I believe the catholic bible and I trust the book of revelations is correct if it was not true why would these saints and gods predict this will come into the new world new millennium it's even now corrupted in our music industry with signs of six triple score 6 and pyramids of the eye illuminati also is controlled Barack o to bush to Benedict to Francis this is the real pattern I see happening right now before your eyes weather u want to believe or ur a lost person not wanting to see and believe the truth truth sets u free have good in all your hearts stay strong and go with the light of love it's the only thing that keeps the good people strong America was once a stronger nation country but lately those who don't do the good of Jesus Christ will be dealt with soon to come promise you that I'm one of the loved good ones in my heart ate you? Ask yourself that with all the Internet and news media there's a lot of hints to see the truth wake up people see the light stand as one as our fathers who stood in the start times for us

Alfred Lambremont Webre

VIDEO: Pope Francis & Vatican False Flag Op? with Eduardo Elias (Argentina)

Alfred Lambremont Webre

This is what needs to see the light of day. The new Pope's minions blessed the troops who murdered thousands of "Desaparcidos" ("The Disappeared") and some even participated in their torture and execution during Argentina's "Dirty War"



Just The same acts ,rites and miss behaviors of the Vatican and the Catholic Church, shows they are not a good church. the Pope pretending to be like Jesus,Satanic signs all around the Vatican Symbols. Many things that lead us to think that this commercial power is wrong. Jesuit are like the Opus Dei.A business organization with crime in it.


The information concerning Pope Francis is false.
Peace Nobel Prize Perez Esquivel Say´s Bergoglio has no conection whit military. http://www.clarin.com/mundo/Perez-Esquivel-Bergoglio-vinculo-dictadura_0_882511909.html

Meijide, CONADEP (human rights) member say no one complaint about Meijide was formulated. http://www.infonews.com/2013/03/15/politica-65549-fernandez-meijide-bergoglio-es-un-hombre-de-cabeza-muy-abierta-bergoglio-nuevo-pap
All such information is spread by the mason government of argentina, because it was fighting with Bergoglio as Cardenal of Buenos Aires.-
Bergoglio is an excellent people.
Don´t spread the masonry lies.

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