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Jane Teguet

Dear Alfred, I really am a fan of yours, and therefore I would like to share some of the concerns I have, maybe it can help understand why some people don't speak about Mars teleportation and Obama. As there is only one Mind, as we know it from Byron Katie, or Eckhart Tolle.

Very shortly, it is this:
Wwhat if these whistleblowers just make it up? They have their very high education, success in career, money, now comes fame. There are so many things out there about the world, anything can be made up from imagination.
What if these people are not independent at all? One of them wanted fame, came forward, someone in America said, this is cool, I play this game, and so wrote down some story that could be credible, some "historical facts" and joined the conversation.

Just think of bestseller fiction movies and novels, how complex, real-sounding stories can be made up of pure phantasy?

So I think this is what comes to mind, as there is only one mind.

What real evidences do these Mars whistleblowers have, other than their words (not evidence, I can say and think up anyting, so can they) and their titles (where they worked, what they learned), which only corroborates that they are not idiots, but doesn't corroborate that what they >>say<<, is true. What evidence do they have? Perhaps it's just a fiction-gang.

So these might be the thoughts others have, but dare/want not to say out loud.


Perhaps then Steven Greer's Sirius is also a cover-up, and I don't write this with cinicism but instead truly, since nothing about Mars whatsoever, and he even wants to brief Obama on ETs (atishoo), which he stressed again in his recent interview with David Wilcock on WorldPuja.org
Interestingly enough, Mr. Wilcock (and I admire all of you guys, though), also hasn't reported on this potentially groundbreaking information. Perhaps as a comment, he should be informed on this on his divinecosmos.com website, since he reads most of the comments, as he said for the manieth time in this inverview also.
So some people are telling sth that is not true, or some people don't tell sth that is true, as a I figure out.
However, both of them corroborated that two guys (independently) from Lockheed Martin said near their death that we (the company) has everything you can imagine (the other guy phrased everything you see in the cinema). Both Greer and Wilcock mention this in the interview.

I tend to belief this Mars thing is true.

Paul Wilson


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