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This is exactly what the representative from the galactic federation of planets have indicated to me two years ago Alfred. They will be extending the offer soon, to join the Galactic group of benevolent planets as well. If we do take this offer, we will be allowed one seat upon their governing counsel board of directors. Then in 2016, after the Moon above is imploded, they will bring into our orbit a pre-assembled space station w/ a reflective dish to imitate the Moon at night. This is where we will fly our very first Star Ships from according to their plans. Think about this now, since I would love to have an Enterprise of my own now!


Sounds like some very astute questions now being asked within the minds of some men and women today?
The next is what are we all going to believe in next concerning our Creator(s)? Is it make or female? Why did they make us? and for what reason are we here now? Keep that "thinking hat on now"!

Maud Nordwald Pollock

Thank you Alfred for your research and visionary view of a positive time line, and a healed Earth, our beautiful planet, and a healed and evolved humanity.Light, Love, Wisdom, harmony and joy, in service through simplicity,truth and unconditional love.


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