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Perhaps his true father is Jeremiah Wright Sr. His "mother" was a student at the little red school of communism off the coast of Washington State during the time she got her teenage self knocked up. Maybe impregnating one of his students wasn't such a good look for the then married teacher with children. I remember this quote vividly... "I can not disown the Rev. Wright in the same way I can't disown my white grandmother." Why not? Because U are just as much kin to him as U are your white granny?? Go ahead and try to find pics of Wright SR. online. Seems they have all been scrubbed off. Very odd not to find visuals for such a distinguished and notable gentleman of the times. lastly...look at Barry and Jeremiah JR. side by side...brothers it is if U ask a gal like me...


We shouldn’t forget about people in prisons. They lost their freedom and often suffer from crimes committed in jail. I appreciate your efforts to publish information about prisons. You may also publish prison legal news on Attorney Online http://attorney-online.info/news/prison/1-0-4 It is a legal website where attorneys can publish news, articles and blog posts or submit contacts to Attorney Directory for free. Hope to see your posts there.

Jack Lindblad

this is proof of our good work, Alfred

Jason T. Hudson

I appreciate all your hard word and dedication to the truth. It's saddening how much deceit is present in our government and society's big institutions. I wish we had a 'wake up' pill we could distribute to the masses, because it is almost 'common sense' to be able to recognize the deception. What horror! How can the human race 'live free' and evolve consciously and with love with these powerful entities and their nefarious actions?

ben harris

good job who you call when a cop robs you

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