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roland k miller

a few years ago i met a woman who became my best friend. over time, she told me that she is the goddess and that she has a plan for changing the world. she said she will need to die before she can start on this and also that this should happen pretty soon. seeing this video of yours, alfred, i was reminded strongly of her during the part about the goddess. some of the things there i have seen in her, and some of the things in your video have been mentioned by her in the past. after getting to know her, i just have a very hard time believing she is crazy. she just didnt exhibit some of the other characteristics i have seen in people who are nuts.

i thought i would post something about this, since your video about her was so good. i wanted to add a few things she has told me. what she wants to do is bring back the old guardians, some of who are incarnated with her here now. there will also be a return of many mythical creatures, who are currently existing in parallel dimensions awaiting her return so they can come back here.

these guardians will be involved in dealing with the elements that currently bring us so much trouble in this world. right now, we just dont have the ability to effectively deal with these people, and she knows this. in the end, she wants the world to be a place where people can live their lives. live without being under constant assault. they want to control our lives, and this is something she finds unwholesome. we will also be getting back some of the abilities we have lost, like telepathy and such things. everyone has a few special abilities that they have lost the ability to use. these will return in time. that doesnt mean everyone will have the same abilities. rather, it means that each of us will get back the special abilities that they once held.

there is a lot more to all this but sitting in one spot typing all this out just doesnt appeal to me. wanted to share some of the parts i thought most important.

very much enjoying your videos alfred. i believe you to be my best source of information besides this goddess friend of mine. keep it up, we need more people like you! thanks for everything :)



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