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Brian A. Caldwell

Interest and usury are key problems but also the nature of the businesses which have traditionally accompanied banking in the shadow sectors, non-productive labor, "shadow" businesses, militaries, all forms of non-sustainable extraction of natural resources, the key capstone of this counterfeit system denotes that it cannot be fixed or repaired or be given slight alterations in order to make it work, but a completely separate system of human and natural resource trading and interaction will have to arise. Just like I trashed old computer and bought a new one, can't save any thing about it, make sure everything valuable is picked off it, declare it "abandoned" or "condemned" and dispose of it in a safe and orderly fashion where no one would be inadvertently affected by it.


Step 8 - complementary currencies
The problem is the monopoly of a central money with positive interest, for small distance trading throughout history until after the central middle ages, regional currencies were used, with negative interest rate.

(see Margrit Kennedy, John Rogers, Bernard Lietaer - see his website under my name), Thomas Greco Jr.) - the world's second complementary currency conference will be held in the Netherlands in June 2013.

Brian A. Caldwell

Create a consensus alternate reality among non-aligned states and persons in which the above said parties are considered to be "in jail" by virtue of all parties outside the group in question forming a cooperative web around and in boycott of the said banking entities, creating an alternate pressure movement which forces the hand of banking oligarchs to loosen controls over capital and resources which the rest of the world's population need to heal certain environmental damages and refund and prioritize basic humanitarian efforts worldwide free of the controlling strings attached by banking interests or religious organizations.

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