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Dear Alfred,

I would like to contribute.

The mainstream media intentionally doesn't inform the world about the solution to monetary crisis, which already worked in the central middle ages, prior to the dark middle ages: complementary currencies.

Would you find it useful to interview Bernard Lietaer (li:ta:r), ex-hedge fund manager and central banker, one of the forefathers of the euro, currently the world's complementary currency expert who helped Brasil and Uruguay implement a nation-wide complementary currency similar to the Swiss secret, the WIR - except that in Brasil and in Uruguay the state tax authority accepts it, thereby legitimizes and legalizes it to be a nationally accepted true currency?

Please see the Belgian professor's perhaps best interview at youtube.com/watch?v=ykvRceBQRl8


Dear Mr Webre,

Please be so kind to elaborate on the 660 page long material written by David Wilcock (also featured in Steven Greer's Sirius, see new trailer at vimeo.com/armkaleka ) about The End of Financial Tyranny - The Greatest Cover-Up of All Time, available at Slideshare ( slideshare.net/DisclosureProject/david-wilcock-the-end-of-financial-tyranny-the-trillion-dollar-lawsuit-660p ) or, in parts, at David Wilcock's site ( divinecosmos.com/start-here/davids-blog/1023-financial-tyranny ).


Dollar bill: We trust in GOD = Guns/Gold - Oil - Drugs . For 'Guns' see Alfred this amazing finding: 'Special ops soldier caught on tape wearing top secret stealth invisibility suit' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0X1y3AzBis#t=3m25s


I keep thinking of Iceland who decided not to pay the debts they owned the banks and put their goverments to jail. Now I know this is a small contry but this small population did it why can t the Americans do it? Do they know this happened? It was not talked about it on mainstream news. The Americans have the power to do it. Even if the country is much bigger the situation seems more complicated? Can you comment on that Alfred. Thankyou. I found your information very informative.

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