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could this be mercury or venus?...


just use a doggone welding filter
to look at the sun ,the gravity
of a second sun would be apparent ,
this is not a binary star system ,
unless jupiter coalesces ...
do not use goggles , do not damage
your sight .


CCD chips in small cameras and cell phones are just a few millimeters across. It's conceivable that the glass cover could create the tiny white sphere you see as a second Sun

Ted T.

Consider that in optics there are several image planes in an optical system. Lens flare is caused by reflection light between two or more optical elements.
One image plane that many people tend to ignore is the thin, optically sealed flat glass cover on the CCD chip itself. A CCD glass cover does not function as a lens. Its function is to protect the CCD chip from handling, manufacturing, humidity, dirt and dust.
Consider that the image of the Sun is focused down to a small spot a few millimeters across at the CCD's top surface. CCD chips in small cameras and cell phones are just a few millimeters across. It's conceivable that the glass cover could create the tiny white sphere you see as a second Sun. A CCD chip glass cover does not have a anti-reflection coating like many optical lenses do.
The reduced image of the Sun would remain relative to the image of the Sun on the CCD chip when the camera is moved around.
There is a small air gap between the surface of the last lens in any cell phone or camera and the CCD chip glass cover. This is where the false image is generated.
It's not wise to aim any camera at the Sun without filters. Remember frying ants with a magnifying glass? You are doing the same thing to a CCD chip by aiming a camera at the Sun. Do it long enough and the CCD will be damaged.
There is one way to confirm the existence of a second Sun: Use a filter with a simple pinhole camera and a projection screen. Place an opaque cloth over your head and the camera so you can see the image. With a pinhole camera, there are no reflective elements to cause a flare.


I saw this video yesterday and wonderd if it is true or not, and to find out i did what i usually do and tried it myself. I took may smartphone and recorded the sun at around 3.00 pm. i used my finger to gently block off my camera lens and sure enough i saw a small glowing sphere just by the sun on the left side. it is for real.
you can watch it yourself at (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w90ldMOckTE)


The Second sun is also talked about by Tolec of Andromeda Council. His presentations are available at http://slideshare.net/tolec , this is not an ad, I love Alfred's works, read him, follow him.:-)

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