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There is word that a second sun of huge mass would enter our system it is huge and blue but no sign of it yet. They claim our sun and it will orbit each other, and push all the planets out into a new position. Earth moving out to where Mars is now? We know half of the systems in the galaxy are binary, some have as many as six suns. Who knows people will believe anything but there are things going on we have no control of and never will. We are trapped in this dimension and all the reports of aliens saving us is rubbish, why would they want to save a warmongering world anyway? The have an interest in us and it is about keeping humans crushed in a state of mindless awareness, by keeping us shut down we have no concept of our true reality. Also thee are aliens who have no interest in us and are feeding us false information. Humanity is in a trap and has been for a very long time and I doubt we will ever free ourselves.

Sweet Sticky Rainbows

Equal rights for headless aliens! Especially the decapitated alien's rainbow corpse.

Narayan Dutt Tiwari

Read This....

And I expect everyone to shut up.... I am glad, I had nothing to discuss after reading some comments by anonymous here....


I happened to talk to them.... and they wanted everyone to SHUT UP.... and space scientists to shove their telescopes up their southern ports....


We are on the positive time line. Thanks to the 20 minutes deducted from the days in June 14th 2011 (and thus meeting Matthew 24:22) which says "except that the days will be cut short for the sake of the elect" - placing Earth on a different orbit which caused Toutatis asteroid to miss Earth. In fact BOTH asteroids which were due. This was the "two headed" monster of Nostradamus. This is the beginning of a different timeline to much that was expected to happen in the quatrains regarding our times (which were written nearly 500 years ago by Nostradamus from his views using the CRONUS VISOR as he calls it)in the Hidden Texts.
The Effect of the Nibiru solar system on our sun and on all our planets may well be less catastrophic than on previous occasions. There will be orbits changed - as has happened with Pluto - now 20 years further ahead of where it should be...and this will not exclude Earth and the Moon. This is what the Mayan calendar is all about - the change of the number of days in the calendar. Nibiru solar system has four celestial bodies. All of them larger than Jupiter. The Maya, by the way, also had Crono Visors - given to them by the Anu (as we know them).
Da Vinci tells us that we will be saved from our sun by the "horns of the bull" which is exactly what one of the objects does look like next to our sun. These have been placed by those from Erid.anu.
This "Paulean" triangle not only appears on that Mexican artifact found in 1955, but also appears under the door lintel of Seti I - the one with the helicopter, aerial refueller, bathysphere, one man jet, electric light poles, and the Maya numeral for 12 etc.
So positive timeline it is...

Anne-Marie Bourassa

Mr. this is a jewel!
It is sober and clear. Which allows us listeners to focus solely on the content that is spoken about and actually engage fully in our own thought process, followed by research.

Thank you Alfred for such a lesson of humility.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Thank you for your observations, Anonymous. We have interviewed Paul Laviolette regarding the Galactic Superwaves, and may interview him again in the future. Paul reacted extremely negatively to our Life on Mars work, for which we have 5 independent whistleblowers and Mars experiencers. This reactivity on Paul's part and his unreasonable behaviour makes him a difficult subject to interview. Perhaps if he calms down a bit. In Light, Alfred ;-)

Anonymous Loose Cannon

Sorry, got momentarily excited about a thought!

(continuing from above...)

...Paul Laviolette and then post what he says.

Sorry, Alfred, I-calls-it-as-I-sees-it. With due respect to the work you do, jus' sayin'...

Anonymous Loose Cannon

You got it backwards, Alfred. The sun is not acting up because of some supppossed "second sun" horsepuckey being peddled on the net. As the actual planet passes through to perihelion this coming December, this thing will become lit like a bulb and will be seen in our skies as it goes back out to space.

Now to the real reason for happening: people I work with are growing concerned that the volleys coming from the galactic center are "heating up" the sun (that is, high energy particles are adding to the sun's activity, breaking down heavier atoms inside and exacerbating coronal mass ejections of somewhat less powerful but sufficiently so to wreak havoc on Earth's magnetosphere. Nobody's talking about it because this has profound implications to us as a species and on commercial ventures. Satellites shut down automatically by failsafe means when overloaded. Services can go down. The power grid can suffer. All kinds of other things can happen, provided it is powerful enough (higher than Level 5). All of this was a subject of a recent high level briefing in Colorado. Follow the trail of that one.

Also to get a better idea of what we are REALLY up against, why don't you invite Laviolette (Oregon State U, Ph.D) to an interview with you. Leave Basiago aside because I'm not sure he'll talk if there is agency scent around. That's my opinion, and I may be wrong. But you need to hear him about superwaves before continuing to proffer horsepucky on the subject of the sun and CMEs and Nibiru's effect on the sun, etc, etc, etc.

To get a clearer idea, why don't you invite

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