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Eara Jordon

Alfred, I am sooooo happy you are taking the Time to tell us of the current/ancient plight of Humanity and its Gaia Earth. You are undertaking a magnificent and endearing challenge here to even TRY to state this upon and within the Matrix enclosing us. Although you/we know that your messages are already 'rehearsed' in that that you are chosen as the Messenger - that even by those you speak of who I dignify only as the 'Nameless' Ones who programmed Earth's People, choosing via DNA significance The Ones capable of listening to you tonight - I take great gratitude to know you.


Alfred, when are you going to do a show with Will Berlinghof and Cosmic Awareness? Wouldn't you like to have your questions answered from the same source that spoke through Edgar Cayce? Check it out at rainbow-phoenix.com.



George Kavassilas also supports the Saturn-Moon matrix control topic.


Norman Bergrun is also writing about The Ringmakers of Saturn , in his book with this title, available on the web (see under my name)
Sound also missing from 20'33'' to 20'39''
Michael Newton, author of the Journey of Souls, with many tens of thousands of past-life and mainly life-between-lives regression therapies, has not yet confirmed David Icke's theory that souls are kept in the Solar System, and/or at the dark side of the Moon. It does not of course mean, it would not be true. I wonder if you could interview him, he has almost no videos at all on the current Internet.
I hope the Andromeda Council helps us with this. They are only strong enough to stop and diminish this interplanetery crime-war-disease-dualism machine.


Dear Alfred, your sound is missing from 17'01''-17'06''. Was it Google? See location at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ1gQUhlWdM#t=17m01s

For your future blog writings, may I suggest a trick: using this "#t=17m01s" string is a method to start a video at a certain location, using hours counted in minutes (in case of long videos)


Dear Mr Webre

Thank you for briefing us on this topic, now after David Icke, you are the second person (as I know) to support the Saturn-Moon-Earth matrix.

Thank you for your work, keep going, we are behind you, praying, meditating, trying to uplift our resonance.

Blessings on to you, may truth reside in the multiverse

P.s.: I just learned today, that besides Alex Collier, Bob Dean and Tolec, Mark Kimmel is also speaking about the Andromedans! I put his link under my name.

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