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Also Psalm 72:5 is quoted incorrectly as well.

Psalm 72:5...

And he will endure along with the sun and longer than the moon,generations of generations.


As for Genesis...The myth that is true.

Per the other points of reference made in the above article..... I respectfully urge thinking people to in thoroughly fact check those as well.



Re: Your reference to Job 25:5 is incorrect.

Job25:5 says.....

If he instructs the moon then it does not shine,
And the stars are not pure before him.

per the Septuagihttp://ccat.sas.upenn.edu/nets/edition/28-iob-nets.pdfnt


As I understand system politics, our Moon was built at Orion and towed here by the Annunakis, and they have absolute control over it at this time. ... Saturn, however, is administered by very severe Alpha Draconis--no-nonsense Reptoids who despise Annunaki frivolity. I really DOUBT they are cooperating on any project because Alpha Dracs rely on telepathy rather than spoken language and Annunaki talk too much.


Well written Alfred. (as usual). Kudos.


Furthermore, Alfred, scientists have acknowledged that the Moon is made up of material that is 500 to 700 million years older than the mineral composition of the Earth. Also, the shamans of Southern Africa refer to the time before the Moon orbited the planet as a time of a natural telepathy between all inhabitants, including humans and animals.
We who inhabit the planet now are charged with the duty to align our positive involvement in the outcome of this future by studying the ever increasing volumes of available data, exposing that data to our deepest discernment and searching out the solutions with the infinite power of our love.
A good example is the fact that those who truly see the worlds within and beyond this 3-D matrix have rarely had the courage to tell the truth. I had such a personal experience with Carlos Castaneda, in which I grew to question his advice to me that did not include the whole truth of what he knew. He was afraid of a controller and simply advised me to leave the world of humans, when he could have detailed the depth of darkness he saw and then informed me about it. This would have led to my earliest awakening. I take this fact to heart when I tell others what I know and at the times when it jeopardizes my safety, I go right ahead and leave nothing out. I appreciate all who have shared with me, even in fragmentation, but this sorted sharing is a cancer among humans that is not worth the words it sounds.
Why is it that many so-called leaders of many religious paths, sell the lie that we are in the 'cycle of the wheel of life, death and rebirth', when in fact most of these lives are controlled by outside forces who, in the time/space between lives, goad the soul into reincarnating ?
I have made the best out of the life I live, but I surely did not, of my own free and completely conscious will choose this one. Oh, to walk in the world of human folly is to listen to the silly soliloquies about karma and how we are responsible for the crimes of the few controllers who have ravaged the consciousness of humanity and raped the planet. I have taken the challenges of this life as an affirmation of my connection to others and my part in living in the depth of unconsciousness with the ability to awaken and take responsibility for my whole in the part that has been separated from the Oneness. I am a part of the infinite and unending love that gives real life to all things, just as we all are without exception.

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