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Wang rang

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Patricia Hamann

Nibiru is here because it's time for the separation of worlds as promised by our heavenly/cosmic brothers when time shall be no more. Let us welcome these changes because we need to change our fallen humanity and the ones who are prepared in their hearts can enjoy the promised gift we made to ourselves long time ago, to be eternal luminous and loving creatures of God, Jesus is our Lord!

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ronnie storm

At last the truth. I have been reading about Nibiru since I was a child. My dad, now long deseased taught me to think for myself and be inqiusitive. Zacharia Sitchen, bless his soul also now deceased, wrote hid books "The 12th Planet" series.

Bernard Mendez

Donny Gilson and his sighting and this object is probably in what tha t astronauts refered to as a slot it appears and disappears periodicially
difficult to observe if memory serves correct was not their a request 36-38 years ago to send a satilite in parallel orbit to the earth on the opposite side of the sun ,I believe three were request ...This object based on what is know about celestral bodies revolving abound another body including a sun which has a intense magantic/gravity field appears to behaving as if under intellignce control not to mention the heat/temperature factors also concerning recent activity in and around the sun in general their appears to be increased UFO actvity in this area suggesting that aliens are endeavoring something. however more resources need to be brought to bear on this question and area of space to get peer review and perhaps bring clarity into this new celestrial developement.

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