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Dylan Cook

Dear alfred
You are a good friend and I respect you and your work but it seems to be quite far fetched. How does the goverment pat for all this when we are in an economic depression?

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Debra - Hi! The slides are at the end of the video presentation.

Alfred ;-)

Debra Kraus

Dear Alfred,

Where have you posted your slides for your YouTube presentation entitled, HAARP-Chemtrails WMD: Exposing a Spiritual, Mass Mind-Control & Planetary Assault?

Thank you,


Helen Carr

Thank you Alfred,

What an encompassing summary of HAARP. I'm in awe of your encyclopedic knowledge based on such vast and sound research.

I live in Perth Western Australia. We have two HAARP facilities here (one at Exmouth and the other at Leonora) but the rays are sent over east to cause chaos there. There are no chemtrails in our skies! After listening to this, I know we're blessed!

Thank you. I just love your work and the simplicity of your delivery.

In love and light,

Helen Carr


After all the doom & gloom on Haarp-Chemtrail system you then end with expect a happy ending.....go with good timeline where all turns out well...excellent. But I do have a question, why is this Haarp-Chemtrail System being used against all Americans? Would that include them killing off their own families here?Or, do they have some secret formula they take for themselves that protects them. Also, I read that we can take copper to protect ourselves from chemtrail damage...is that true?
You are very brave to speak out on this subject..I hope you keep safe.

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