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humm,,, i kinda believe that Sitchen did discover something interesting and I have NO doubt that the global elite have something to do with this.

What ever is going on now in the ranks of the elite, it is quite visible to those of us who are watching. Everything is being systematically destroyed on earth

My question is: What happened to all the Gold in the towers and at fort knox???

Civilization is under attack by somebody and they don't seem to be worried about their own escape. This tells me, that they are not of this earth and that they themselves have an escape route and mission.


I am listening to your interview with donny and you said the Andromedan council is a entity not really a galactic counsel. Im confused then what do you make of the biospheres that are around the planet that tolec talks about? and secondly what do you think about Alex Collier and his contacts in the Andromedan counsel?

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