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I just heard most of this show, and this is my frustration:

All this talk is very interesting. But it is also very esoteric. In other words, it is totally beyond the ken of the average earth human. In addition, from it has evolved almost no useful technology, besides Drake's visualization technique, that is being actively promoted by the people who are promoting this esoteric knowledge.

In a situation like this, the possibility begins to appear - and Alfred mentioned this - that we are being fed many "airy words of no consequence" in the hopes that this will keep us off the scent of what is really going on.

What is conveniently absent from the mix - though Tolec thought he was providing some of this - is useful data about what is happening TODAY.

Realize this: If the underlying theory of life being presented is basically true (and I think it is) then a more able being should be able to develop itself to the point where it would know what's happening on this planet. And if you could get a few of those people to cooperate, we could start policing the news media and calling their bluff every time it tries to lay a bunch of BS on us.

Now, THAT would be useful, wouldn't it? That would contribute to a smoother path forward. But is such a result discussed or even envisioned? NO. At least, not in these venues. Is that because such a vision is simply impossible or unworkable? I don't think so. I think such a vision is being actively suppressed.

And in this way, we return to a reality that is less certain than our ET "friends" would like us to believe. Not hopeless, just less certain. Because some of the best data is still being actively suppressed. It's in plain sight of everybody, but no one wants to touch it for fear of catching the kooties. This data has been that thoroughly demonized. Yet there it is, on a web site on the internet, just waiting for people to look it up, learn it, and begin to apply it.

And if that is the true current state of affairs on this planet, then I don't see an easy road ahead. And I also see a huge need for media reform so that more truth starts reaching the people of earth.

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