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Eustace Mullins

These guys are all emissaries for Invader Races. Don't trust anyone except Christ.


The longer our world governments keep this from all humans, assuming it is all real and at least our U.S Gov is in touch with a superior more intelligent species. The more dangerous they will become, and if that day ever came that they would need to be stopped from say, annihilating us! It would behoove our world or U.S Gov to let every man, child, woman, and human know all information on these past, present, and future interactions, experiments etc. Full disclosure, and transparency is the only way that will allow all minds access to this knowledge. And we know knowledge can lead to great power and progress. And the more human minds that know of all this. The more powerful we will be, and become.
Be it ever became a defense situation, or just a general enlightenment and progress. That would happen with more minds having all this information and in turn man would take interest in the matter etc. The next great step into knowing more and understanding all of this bizarre world stuff that is in front of us, and ahead of us. The greater chance of future innovation, and understanding is most likely in the mind of someone that our Govs have kept in the dark. If we want to see great light and "enlightenment" in our future. Out Governments need to accept that the greatest minds in the world are not Gov employees with top secret security Clarence. This numbing and dumbing down our people is the very thing that could ultimately be mans demise. Trust that we can handle and take all these bizarre things and hold our sanity, and eventually can help contribute to the evolution of this whole thing! To not trust that, is for one selfish and egotistical and says that Gov is all knowing and all powerful. Which they are not, and never will be. The quicker they can understand and accept this. The quicker we can help them and become part of the solution, and not be a potential problem waiting to explode.


According to Mendez, the jump room technology had been transferrd from a species of Grey Extra-terretrials to the U.S. government.
Barack attended this CIA run Jump Room during early eigthies. He denied this in Jan.2012 throught spokesman.. even though four wittnesses say he was there.
THIS is loaded with information. Do you see the BIG picture??
If you aren't awake yet.. you will be when you understand the implications of this report... THREE BIG REVELATIONS... NAME THEM.
From: Barbara Sandlin
Date: August 10, 2012 2:44:52 AM CDT
To: Barbara Sandlin , [email protected], Scott Hinds , Thomas A Barnes , Britta McCaleb , Bonnie Mccutchen , [email protected], PSG-1 Carolyn Miller , Cindy Neely , Chase Brugh Gmail , Kenneth Davis , "Dr. Jarvis" , jeannemitchel , jjsons Sons , matt schryer
Subject: You have received a YouTube video!  Best Speech ever made. 4 min.


Cool Cool



Barack Obama was not born in the United States. But he will be.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

John - Hi! I am not evasive. I answered two private emails from you, first with a suggestion that you actually view the Seminar which you are criticizing, which you have not done:

Preview version of Public Seminar: “Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA jump room program, including Barack Obama’s participation (1980-83)”



Credit version of Public Seminar: “Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA jump room program, including Barack Obama’s participation (1980-83)”


And then forwarding the dialogue between Andy Basiago and USAF Sgt Brad MacBolen to which you have not responded.

UPDATED: Synthetic quantum evironment (SQE) & Fifth dimensional/Multiverse construct - a dialogue between Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav) USAP-DOCC Survivor & Andrew D. Basiago


John Wall

This is nothing but fantasy a fifth dimension is not tangible !It is place where different scenarios might happen or then again they may not.I questioned Alfred Lambremont Webre on this subject and he remains evasive.
See my blog for an understanding of such technologies and their relevance to this subject line and my response to what I can only term disinformation agents.

Dan B. Graves

Dan continues; the appearance of these two angels was so attractive that the whole city of Sodomites wanted to have sex with them. Were these "angels" in fact genetically refined Pleiadians? My father worked in highly black projects for a contractor in Silicon Valley and he told me a few tidbits but being a man of very high integrity would not reveal more simply because he had promised someone namely his employer that he would not. He passed on 10 years ago. Scripture when read carefully with an open mind reveals many aspects of the issues that this website addresses. The one above is only a small example. Do not believe what any church tells you or any organized religion but DO read the biblical account for more information on the subject than any other source I have found.

Dan B. Graves

I fully support Alfred and Andy and the others with one exception. IT's can disquise themselves at ET's and while I do not believe that all ET's are demons as Lot in the Old Testament entertained in household two what the Bible sometimes called "men" and in other descriptions "angels" while homosexuals gathered outside the house and beat on the door demanding they come out as the men wanted to have sex with them indicating perhaps they were extraordinarily attractive and as the door was opened the two angels smote the crowd gathered outside with blindness proving that they were not merely "men" at least of that time period or one we have yet attained. We are dealing as Alfred knows with very complex matters here and one aspect of the issue that I believe needs more emphasis in this whole matter is the spiritual one. What I am referring to is the battle between good and evil that is not necessary in the Universe as some eastern philosophies propose and it well may be in fact the total reason for our interest to so many ET's that seem to be visiting this planet now and in the past. I do not believe the world is 6,000 years old and there is nowhere in the Bible to prove that. I also do not believe that all visiting ET's are evil. However, that being said we are enlightened by scripture that "the whole creation" "fell" at the door that was opened by Eve in the garden and "the whole creation moaneth for it's release" from this tyranny and torment of evil that was allowed through free will to occur. Alfred especially I plead to read the entire bible non catholic version from cover to cover to gain insight on some of these subjects as it is considered by some as myself to be an historical document and therefore under just those circumstances bears looking into. It is filled with much insight into this whole matter. I believe that the increase in ET attention is because they know that we are approaching Armageddon although scripture clearly states that no man or any other being "not even the Son" will know the exact time it does state that we can know the "season" just not the "day or the hour" of Jesus second coming. And yes He is coming and boy is He pissed. He came 2,000 years ago as the suffering Savior of humanity and in the second coming he will come as King and set up a Theocracy on this planet. But before that happens all hell will break loose upon the earth like "never before". The proverbial shit is going to hit the fan and the scripture states that men will hide themselves under the earth asking for the earth to crumble on them and that "men's hearts will be failing them for fear."

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Synthetic quantum evironment (SQE) & Fifth dimensional/Multiverse construct - a dialogue between Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav) USAP-DOCC Survivor & Andrew D. Basiago


Alfred Lambremont Webre

Andrew D. Basiago responds: "Daniel, You have identified a valid line of inquiry. The quantum domain that was being accessed by the jump rooms has not been definitively identified at this time. We were trained to go to Mars and the domain that the jump room took us to was certainly understood to be Mars. US chrononaut Bernard Mendez concluded after his investigation of the jump room program that we were not going to Mars but an artificial holographic planetary domain architected by the Greys that I have called a "synthetic quantum environment" (SQE). The SQE explanation is amenable to your fifth dimensional or multi-verse construct. US chrononaut William B. Stillings, however, believes that we were going to Mars in real time. The Mars explanation implies that we were visiting Mars in our present dimension and so would fall within your third dimensional construct. Since the technology might have been either provided by or diverted by the Greys, I think it's possible that sometimes we were going to Mars and sometimes we were being decanted to an SQE, where our responses to operating on the threshold of contact with a new planetary domain was being studied by the Greys. Andy"

Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)

Correction... Construct-Jumping (Time-Space 3-D) vs Time-Jumping (Space-Time 5-D)...sorry...

Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)
USAP-DOCC Survivor

Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)

Have any of these participants been briefed on the existence of the 1,728 each slightly out of phase, 64-Octave Constructs of a 3-D Earth, commonly referred to as the Multi-verse?

Each 64-Octave Earth Construct is .21 degrees out of phase with the Primary Homopolar structure of Sol or Earth's singular Sun.

This could lead some to postulate that these "Chrononauts" may have been Construct-jumping (Space-Time 5-D) vs Time-Jumping (Time-Space 3-D). This could lead many jumper's astray in their prospectives as to the actual location of each of their "jump" destinations.

Just a thought...

Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)
USAP-DOCC Survivor

George LoBuono

Ouch, a ghastly typo: I would NOT trust gray alignment intentions. The grays are merely subordinate, genetically designed dependents of a large, very unequal alien population (Verdants and their assocites) who really don't listen to you. They are proven to lie, when they want to gain or steal resources in your vicinity. Their worst failing is their (compared to more evolved, mature aliens) immature, unequal ambitions. The only possible basis for alien interactions is a universal equivalency BETWEEN populations, essentially one alien (or group), one vote. That way aliens can't just barge in and violate or destroy a planet. But Verdants grew too large, too fast, and their regime is tightly controlled from a single planet reportedly 14 million light years away. They're pleased to abduct, breed obedient hybrids and materially favored gofers (like Rockefeller, allegedly) who commit heinous crimes against humanity pursuant to a colonizers "pacification" strategy. Again, the error is grotesque violation of the equivalency BETWEEN populations, on Verdants' part. Krapf writes that of a Verdant population of 500 trillion (yes trillions) living on 246,000 planets, all crews must (nearly instantly) report crew rotations, etc. back to the home planet. Since they're all thought monitored using mind-sensing/mind-responding technology, that means dissent and challenges to cruel, destructive regime policies is nearly non-existant. They don't want to be identified as trouble makers. So interventions and planet kills proceed apace, if a people like us are stupid enough to allow them to penetrate here without alerting our public. Numerous worlds have been destroyed, say the Verdants (their doing).

George LoBuono

This kind of technology does, in fact, exist. Every time a gray or related alien abducts, they use a device that can, as Col. Philip Corso noted, "fold" gravity, allowing translocation (even going through walls). Grays certainly have it. In his books on aliens, Pulizter winner Phil Krapf notes that he was moved from his house to an alien craft owned by "Verdants," older dominant aliens of the grays' alignment. Krapf says when he was translocated a small roundish device on the aliens' craft's celing emiited a light (or waveform) that did the translocation. And that would be done by "gravitics," or scalars. Krapf even got to see their main device of the sort, which he noted reminded him of a large telescope, which also makes sense, because the gravitics must be essentially lensed or contoured.

Wayne Madsen writes voluminously about Obama's family CIA ties, but I have questions. Verdants told Krapf they can't travel backward in time. We do know that remote viewers can easily sense across time. so that sensing part is a given. It's truly conceivable that Obama could have been identified, but once you see a future, does your action to alter a sequence change that future? We need more specific info about Obama and others cited in these reports to give us a better sense of this allegedly witnessed story.

Another question: College of the Siskoyous? Isn't that a community college? Why do so momentous a project there? Why not a carefully guarded military location or such? Finally, grays could easily divert a translocation, given their larger system of contouring technology, i.e. Krapf was told that they would bend a contour of translocating gravitics to resonate with another device, i.e. to bend an abducted person around the moon to a large ship behind it (in Krapf's case and that of about 1600 others who were taken up there as part of a diplomatic opening (which failed circa 2000-01) Most importantly, in this context, if, as alleged, Obama had actual gray-related contacts, it could have biased his judgement of grays and their doings. We know about Rockefeller family use of the CIA to remove US presidents from direct control of alien-related programs. David Rockefeller appears to be a gray alignment "asset."

Imagine being a CIA-related family teen. Do you want to be transported? Most would say yes, if it's safe. And that wouldn't necessarily mean you favor grays or gray alignment colonization. It would just mean you and others are interested in this weird science.

Those cave-like intermediate spaces would also be easy for grays to create. Simply converge and then heat or evacuate energy in a subterranean location and you could smooth or remove material. Many reports suggest that aliens mine materials in this way and they also have created subterranean chambers, obviously. So, grays and their cohorts could easily hack a device that fell into human hands and bend the resonance to any location that they choose. But to be led around by grays is chilling. Their alignment wants to colonize and control here. They are cooly manipulative, if not coldly indifferent, in some cases. I would trust their intentions, given abductions and other, worse violations of humankind. So many questions.


Great work guys !

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