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If the photonic levels of our frontal lobes in the brain are excited, stimulated enough to produce electron transmissions of a concentrated thought back through our cortex.

Are we then not producing photonic travel from multiverse to multiverse of the 64 Octave constructs in the 3D Worlds/Earth?

Is this similar to what happens when the Mind is split in to Alters in training process. Like looking into a mirrors reflection of a another mirror.

Are we able to choose one of the reflection (ALTER) in the stream of reflections(Octaves). Phase its reflection enough to force loss of contact (phase) with the first mirror (or one's current Multiverse).

Have we then traveled in our Mind to another Multiverse/Alter. These dreams that I had as a child of 7 to 10 seem to work this way.

As the single point of light/reflection, gets louder and closer, it overwhelms me in my sleep/mind. It wakes me up just before I slip into its full/pull on me.

It was so frightening that I cant sleep, and usually have to get up, go set in the corner of my room, and stay up or awake to watch for something, but nothing ever happened.. These dreams stopped after I entered the 6th grade, when our family moved ...

After reading your comments above I was astounded at how much like my reoccurring childhood dream shadowed what I correlated too your discussion about the 1,728 21-degree phased multiverses of the Earth.

Peace and Blessings

Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)

Thanks Alfred, & grateful appreciations to Tolec & Ray K for expressing the concepts that I'm so poorly attempting to convey. It's taken exactly three years for us all to begin to understand the Olin-Perceptron Physics.

I do, however rejoice that confirmation, in part, has been verified by Tolec & Ray K in their latest interview with Alfred. They were able to relate & confirm almost all of my Theorem.

I am so ignorant as to how to express that which I have been shown. I know the concepts, but because most of Olin-Perceptron Physics is based on Sacred Geometry, the mathematics of our time-space, so inadequate, I find it very difficult to express myself in a very simple, down-to-earth way.

I can explain Gravity & how Gravity Amplification is possible, to a child, & these children are able to understand, but the social blinders we are all forced into make this difficult for adults & almost impossible for my friends with PHD's,

The good news is adults are beginning to choose to shed these social blinders & once again see as we all did when we saw the world through the eyes of our childhood. This is great! Our minds begin to open up to ancient & advance physics now in greater ways.

I look forward to more dialogues with You, Alfred & with Andy as well, so that I may refine my skills in such a way that I am able to explain these Theorem in everyday common terms so that all may understand what I've been shown.

Love & Light,
Sgt. Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)
USAF Special Projects
USAP-DOCC Survivor
"Light Up The Darkness"


You either don't know what you're talking about or ive caught you out on your lie. This sentense makes this whole article invalid "5-D humans would then evolve into Silicon-based life-forms". Sillicon of course cannot form long enough chains to create complex life like carbon can. So dont believe everything you're told.

Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav) USAP-DOCC Survivor

Hi Andrew, Alfred,

Clarification...Being a part of the 5-D Physics is to experience Olin-Perceptron Physics,...to merely use the 5-D to travel constitutes Kaluza-Klein Physics...these are two points of view that support one another, but are very different...

Having transcended into the 5-D having a fully-developed advanced DNA/RNA is what you would more rightly call permanent residence.

Traveling within the the 5-D in a 3-D body/container, while in a protected environment, while very exciting,i.e. no concept of time as few know it...is, sad to say, only a temporary event, as they say, "You are here for the duration of the journey! So avoid getting too excited..."

Thanks for your response & kind considerations. I wish you all good fortune in your endeavors... bye...


Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)
USAP-DOCC Survivor


The technology or precursors were first developed by the Nazis, die Glocke was one of the devices able to induce SQE environments. It was tried to use SQE ENV's to win the war by retro travel or intelligence aquisition. It was also researched at Zipf-A Forschungseinrichtung. At the end of the war the base Rise was destroyed by Spezialkommando 34-7 under direct orders of SS SS-Obergruppenführer Kammler and the scientists were shot into the neck if they had a sensitive access position. Even today in the old people's homes you can hear their stories and see their photos and documents but often the next week they are found dead from heart attack or something old people related.

Alfred Lambremont Webre

Susan & All - ExoUniversity.org was formed to bring affordable continuing education by high-profile authors, scientists, and educators in ExoSciences, PsiSciences, and Exopolitics to a worldwide audience online. Harvard and MIT have created EdX to offer online video courses to the world. Yet EdX and all university curricula systematically exclude ExoSciences (the new time-space quantum access sciences like anti-gravity, teleportation, time travel); PsiSciences (scientific study of psi, non-local/temporal consciousness in telepathy, precognition, psychokinesis; science-based study of the survival of human consciousness after bodily death and of the human after-life, reincarnation and the Inter-life); and Exopolitics (science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multi-verse.). Only ExoUniversity.org offers access to knowledge and education in these disciplines that are vital to our future.

On June 1-2, 2012, ExoUniversity.org invited 3 independent former participants and whistleblowers from the 1980-83 CIA jump room program to Vancouver, BC to participate in a series of Seminars and Panels on the 1980s CIA Jump Room Program.

The first of these Seminars (June 1, 2012) is now online and available for viewer participation:

Preview version of Public Seminar: “Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA jump room program, including Barack Obama’s participation (1980-83)”



Credit version of Public Seminar: “Third whistleblower publicly confirms CIA jump room program, including Barack Obama’s participation (1980-83)”


The two participants in this Seminar are Bernard Mendez, who currently works for Dept of Homeland Security, who once served as a special assistant to President Richard M. Nixon, and was investigating the 1980s CIA jump room program for the US intelligence community. Mr. Mendez heard Mr. Basiago and another participant's (William D. Stillings) account of the 1980s CIA jump room program on a George Noory Coast to Coast AM program, and decided to approach Mr. Basiago and Mr. Stillings as a fellow whistleblower.

This Seminar series provides an account of heretofore highly classified information regarding the USA time-space program that was part of a technology transfer (teleportation jump room technology) by the Grey extraterrestrials) to the U.S. Government.

Susan Littleton

All of this is very overwhelming to me to try to read, assimilate and understand. Do have links that will lead me to a "beginners course?"

Many thanks!


Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav) USAP-DOCC Survivor

Hi Andrew,Alfred...

Seems the Eban(Reticulian Greys)for some strange reason wish to keep us guessing as to the nature of both Construct-Jumping(Time-Space3-D) & Time-Jumping (Space-Time5-D). Reasoning for this seems to be apparent.

As we proceed towards the Galactic Plane(Photon Belt/Menasic Ring), the Grey's, within/under the influence of the Verdant, perhaps wish to keep humans blind to these S.Q.E.'s.

Keeping humans confused regarding Olin-Perceptron Physics & the natures of 3-D vs 5-D Kaluza-Klein Physics, appears to be an agenda of the Verdant. Even though they "ACT", and are sensed as inexperienced, innocent beings, THEY clearly are NOT.

Special viewing rooms/galleries at the UN specially constructed for use by the Verdant, so they can orchestrate manipulations of the UN Representatives gives us CLEAR Indicators & Warnings, that their agenda is to keep us blinded in these matters.

They are apparently using these TTP's as a last-ditch effort to keep humans bound within the Construct(Time-Space 3-D) versus the highly-accelerated Space-Time 5-D in order to keep humans within their grasp of control.

Purpose for this? To maintain they're illusion of Control? The desire to feed upon the negative energies that are so prevalent within these multiple 3-D Constructs, that are NOT present in the 5-D? Maybe all of the above?

Maybe it's because they will lose all control over humans that transcend into the 5-D timeless existence that numbers into 248,832 different new-types of realities/constructs, thereby losing not only their illusion of control, but their potential feeding grounds as well.

The 5-D humans(Homo Universalis) would also gain abilities/advantages there, that presently limit carbon-based life-forms here.

Since 5-D humans would then evolve into Silicon-based life-forms or more precisely to say, twelve-stranded DNA/RNA humans would become Carborundum/Zirconate-based life-forms...would be a powerful transhuman experience.

As most say, Diamonds are the product of Coal under pressure, and if Olin-Perceptron physics are indeed overwhelmingly prevalent in 5-D, This would bring about innate/inherent abilities within humans to escape the tyranny of the Greys/Verdant/Elite Hybrids/humbreds and any other oppressive alliance of non-terrestrials or E.T.'s of terrestrial origins.

Thanks so very much for sharing your concepts/thoughts on Synthetic Quantum Environments, as this has aided me greatly in detecting even more deceptions within deceptions of these tyrants, who wish to continue to follow such silly illusions/notions that ultimate control over humans is possible.

This just might give humans the edge needed to not only choose wisely, but finally escape these drama-driven beings.


Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen III USAF(dav)
USAP-DOCC Survivor

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