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Dr. Webre,

While it is conceivable that some of the substances that are being sprayed within the Chemtrails might … and I say again … might be helpful in somehow Concealing/Shielding our planet Earth from the far more massive (Up to four times the size of Earth) planet Nibiru as it is finishing its outer leg of its current orbit through our solar system, the other substances that were discovered within samples collected in Italy and the US State of Texas in 2007, paint an entirely different picture!


Morgellons Special #7
Material compiled by
©2007 Project FMM Research Team
INDEXPROJECT FMM - FIBERS, METEORITE & MORGELLONSProject FMM - Phase IA - Initial Specimen ExaminationProject FMM - Phase IB - High Density Polyethlyne FiberProject FMM - Phase II - Chemtrail FalloutProject FMM - Phase IIIA - Morgellons Fibers Tested and ComparedProject FMM - Phase IIIB - Raman; Morgellons & MeteoriteSize Matters - Dr. Hildegarde StaningerPROJECT FMM Fiber, Meteorite & MorgellonsPHASE IA Initial Examination of Several Dozen SamplesMarch 29, 2007PROJECT FMM (FIBER, METEORITE & MORGELLONS)Principal Researcher Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1 © Saturday, March 27, 2007INTEGRATIVE HEALTH INTERNATIONAL, LLC12235 Centralia Street, Lakewood, CA 90715 Tel: 562-402-7300 Fax: 562-402-7308 Direct: 213-382-2786Project Contract Labs: AMDL, Inc., ACS, Inc., MIT, and Lambda Solutions, Inc.PHASE IA Samples from Sept. 1, 2006. Results Received February 5, 2007 Subject Samples of Unknown Fibers Collected form Many Sources and Delivered to Laboratory. Report of: Examination, Microscopic Measurements and Spectrographic Analysis of Several Dozen Fibers Sent from IHI, LLC, Lakewood, CA. INTRODUCTION Several batches of unknown suspect fibers were sent to the laboratory over a period of several weeks. We were asked to examine them, study them microscopically, determine some physical properties, and run elemental analysis by energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and chemical groups by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR). Also some samples would be analyzed by Fourier transform Raman spectroscopy (FT-Raman). Laboratory personnel would also compare the fibers with some other nanofibers reported to be carbon-silicon fibers with photoluminescent and other properties. NOTE: All Samples were compared to the "Goldenhead" as found by Dr. Rahim Karjoo and Dr. Hildegarde Staninger (October 28, 2006) and a fiber that was identified as High Density Polyethylene Fiber (HDPE). RESULTS 1) Visually a few of the fibers resembled the carbon-silicon fibers previously studied by Integrative Health International, LLC. 2) Close-up photos and photomicrographs (1,000 x) were taken of most samples. 3) Many strange shapes and lumps were seen and some could not be identified. 4) Identification of the photomicrographs were identified to contain a "foreign fiber" or not. These fibers were then selected for further testing and melting points. 5) A FTIR spectrum of one spot on the fiber indicated the presence of high density polyethylene fiber plus a trace of another material (brown gel). 6) EDS and Raman results will be discussed in Phase II and Phase III of this report. SUMMARY The fibers identified, gel material, and gel shaped materials had no cellular integrity with no eukaryotic cells. The materials identified in the fibers were of a manufactured nano technology to form a specific structure with an undetermined function. The chemical composition of fibers that had EDS and Raman did not match the chemical composition of the human body nor were they any part of the human body (nails, hair, skin, nerves, etc.). Special features as identified by Los Angeles County Fire Department, Los Angeles, CA personnel are the following: 1) skin melts or burns at above 165 degrees F; 2) fibers from a human body that do not melt at 1,400 degrees F or above 165 degrees are not made of human cells; and 3) human tissue does not secrete gels nor would they be of known human cellular composition that melt above 300 degrees C (i.e. approximately over 600 degrees F). All samples that did have a fiber that matched nanotechnology as compared to the original "Goldenhead" was identified as a "Morgellon Like Fiber": 1) discarded Morgellon Goldenhead; 2) fully formed Morgellon Goldenhead; or 3) deteriorating Morgellon Goldenhead. The structured material/fibers identified were ones that would have properties to self assemble, enlarge, and/or fold/expand. They were identified as nanotechnology (man-made)1 and were not identified in any way to be composed of eukaryotic cells, animal, plant, nor composed of any live biological form. Some specimens had "biological artificial" appearances that are known as artificial life or pseudo-life forms. These types of artificial life forms are known to use DNA/RNA/siRNA or sRNA plasmid templates of viruses, microorganisms, animal/plant proteins and/or enzymes to build the artificial technology structural form at nano level. Furthermore, they are not limited to only these referenced life forms plasmids, enzymes, and/or proteins. Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, RIET-1, Principal Investigator, IHI, LLC Dept. Research & Dev. Industrial Toxicologist/IH & Doctor of Integrative Medicine Footnotes: 1 Man-Made means not made by nature or found in nature. Morgellons Photos, Special Program #6, Page Three of Five http://www.rense.com/general74/morg6-3.htm

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