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No offense Ben...i love everything you have to say...honestly. As i said above, the interview i saw earlier today, it was also said that China and Russia want to takeover the U.S. first and then the rest of the world. IF this is true, you and your ppl. are willing to help all of us, does this mean we will have a dictatorship, a president? And of course, i don't know Vladimir Putin, but from what i've heard, he's no good either. I can't say that for sure, just what i've heard. And yes, alot of us are very aware of the fraudulent elections. I know Lyndon Larouche is definite when he says, we need to get Obama out before the elections. He sounded very definite about that. It's enough to scare all of us to death. We don't know which way to turn. We all would love world peace. Are you talking about setting up a one world govt. as well?



Dr. Carol Rosin says Wernher Von Braun always maintained that all the ET's that have visited, and are now in Earth's realm, are friendly. Yet he would not identify further and she sensed he was afraid to do so...who do we believe?

The Archons...American Kabuki reports state that the Archons have left the universe...none left here. His blog report on Archons says there are Lords of Karma that direct human incarnations and force the scam of karma onto souls and force into reincarnations. So are they still here or not?

Or is ALL of this just CIA psyops sci-fi toying with gullible people who are simply desperate for justice and salvation from the controllers? WHO IS TELLING THE TRUTH?!


It is strongly implied, but never explicitly stated, that fractional reserve banking is outlawed forever. May be a good idea to add that idea in those terms.


Too funny. Really. No wonder the media gets away with what it sells. Unless you walk up to whom ever it is you believe is responsible for making the sun disappear at night and clock them over the head/arrest/give a stern talking too yourself, no one else is either. You deserve everything these guys are selling you. Things are going to get worse. You will help it that way. Enjoy

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