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Andrew Wye

On the question of practical ways to implement some of the changes needed to create better financial/social environments for all, I offer the following 14 measures
1. Move from a debt to an equity currency. Governments create and print their own money; subsequent market changes and wage differentials will, as they always do, sort themselves out.
2. Property is re-valued across the board.
3. A check and balance scheme is applied so that financial differentials as a result of house value reforms are fairly managed to consider different peoples’ relative past percentage investments, how this relates to pension etc.
4. Government takes control of building homes for people and
5. FIXES HOME PRICES so that young people are able to BUY AND ACQUIRE STAKEHOLDER STATUS IN THEIR OWN WORLD; DO NOT ALLOW ‘MARKET FORCES’ to determine the cost of housing.
6. Have these purchase prices subject ONLY to materials, supply and wages costs with a minimum administration overhead
7. This puts money back into peoples’ pocket which finds its way into shops and this stimulates the economy;
8. This also allows people to save for the future.
9. This also re-establishes a more realistic, consonant relationship between money and what it can buy.
10. This leads to more people having more reason to take an interest in their environment;
11. This also reduces the risk of a social underclass and youth disenfranchisement.
12. Fixed housing prices allows people to constructively, realistically envision and plan their future movement up a property ladder that is not going to suddenly grow an extra dozen rungs and cost them an extra £50-100,000 somewhere along the line when they have another child.
13. Life begins to take a recognisable shape and is less threatening as one can see a clearer path forward.
14. This means people have less cause to be fearful and people are more mutually supportive because there is less feeling of competitiveness and more sense and understanding of a shared world with shared hopes and aspirations.

Peter Kling



I am happy to see Mr. Webre supporting the spirit of this latest planetary salvage activity.

I must point out, though, the believability problem in so much of his data. I have no particular way to judge its accuracy; but I have no particular reason to think his data is false.

It is just that when we make public pronouncements, our message can seem like a slap in the face to some simply because it stretches their credulity too much.

If we want this movement to have public support, we must win them over - not with lies as criminals do - but with acceptable truths. Facts that they are capable of experiencing.

The success of Fulford, to the extent that he has been successful, is partly in his framing of this activity as a "battle" between people of good will and people of ill will. That keeps things simple and understandable for most people.

The population must eventually ramp up to an appreciation of the more esoteric data. But that doesn't mean we should hit them over the head with it.

Good manners can go a long way in assisting the communication of new and difficult ideas, and Mr. Webre has demonstrated these. But part of good manners is knowing where to draw the line. I believe it would assist us to keep this in mind.

The immediate task before us is to get in ethics.

The introduction of new technologies and awarenesses is a later step. Let's start with the data that will forward the ethics clean-up. If that is successful, there will be time to sift through the more esoteric facts of our situation. Until the ethics clean-up is successful, the other data is not that useful to us.




All excellent ideas and a good general plan to begin yet all useless without the takeover of the Mainstream media worldwide at the same time to educate as much as many as possible.


At this moment something has to happen very fast to fix all the problems we have. The social and economic systems are already destroyed. Although I’ve a bit doubt such thing will happen. If the inter dimensional beings give an helping hand such as the Andromeda’s to counter back the nwo time travellers it may happen. In this whole case I didn’t read any help pledged from the Andromeda council so it seems to be a 50-50 situation. I hope it happens, it will set humanity free but ONLY when free energy systems will make their way immediately during this event.


Good addition Alfred, hopefully this can happen successfully.

Robert Fallin

Great! Now, WHEN is all of this going to start happening, as many of us are getting pretty alarmed?

Kris Knight

I am so glad I found this, Alf. It is extraordinary in its scope, for sure. Yes, of course this will be too big for the many but it is profoundly expansive and worthy of much contemplation and study and can't but help move the morphic field into a more powerful context of thought and support.
I hope YOU, Alf, are OK. It is more than a week since you submitted this now. Please let us know you are OK.
And as always, you are profoundly and deeply appreciated.
And of course, it makes all the sense in the world that "someone" has been tracking this pursuit of a "turnaround". That doesn't mean, however, that it is destined for failure.
There is no doubt that something huge is afoot, on multiple dimensions.........


This all sounds great but what proof as Americans do we have that this is really gonna happen? I read that it said the week of the 13th April, 2012. Today is the 20th..i also watched an interview with a couple ppl. that claimed this is said every yr. to take our mind off of this...that this was bogus. Can you prove this? What about the other countries in the world that i hear want the ultimate power? I would love an answer on this if you have time.

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