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Ok yah it seems selfish to say we are not responsible for the mess that is on this earth, we are very responsible but it makes sense to move on in a positive manner to recover our society. We are not the only ones who need to ascend here. Our goals are positive. we must be positive in order to ascend otherwise it will take longer for us to ascend (gain high consciousness, evolve, upgrade) negative just keeps us from ascending. It is an opposing force. Our souls need to jump from one organism to another because organisms maintain a life span, that expire. Our souls do not expire. We are the beginning of creation. Adam and eve are hosts to cycle our souls ascension including animals, earth, sun, planets. Our souls reside in all of these things. It is very real that our consciousness grows. That has already been proven. We just have to work harder to expand and know the truth to gain the right knowlege and not be stricken to live with lies and half truth. Even Satan will ascend no matter what even if he needs to start over from beginning. He will finally understand. He has eternity as well as we do. We must not encourage his way so he to can join us to what we originally were together. We are simply repairing ourself. That is all of our mission. Some of us need more maintenence then others. Fear is negative energy and we must rid ourself from fear in order to continue on. Death is not the end. We do not need to fear anything like they make us believe. It makes sense.we dont need scientists to study this. It is pointless. Every being should know that humans and animals arnt the only living thing in the universe. The spirit is us as one. Hatonn(god) is the oldest soul of the spirit and should know all the secrets. We lost our memory of full consciousness years ago due to intervening sources. The aliens(star brothers tell us what we already know) our mind is a recording device. It saves all of our memories, and thoughts. Acsses these physical memories, thought and you go back in time. That is the key to time travel. But do not use time travel for selfish purposes like some individuals have done to seek rule as (god)and not the true god Hatonn.

Mary Owens

It says in the Phoenix journals that bad weather will come followed by nuclear reactor leakages in the future back in 1989. Weird eh? Hatonn(god) says no , we all agreed apon this for our soul missions. And yes some of our DNA was deactivated but this was do to our descension apon earth. Satan manipulated our DNA, yes but what was available in the third dimension. Since the intervention of the humans here on earth at this time, we had to descend to recover our positive spirits. He also states that we should have already built nuclear fall out here in America and not rely on our nukes to protect us.

Steen Hansen

But now the term has been official. IT WAS'NT ME - IT WAS THE ALIEN".
The point of cracyness, which allow needed Power to control the masses.
Bush started it with the Falseflag against his own Country and called it for Terror.
I believe in GOD and in the need for help against the aggressor.
But as a very old man - when everything in a combate is investigated, both is due to listen to the "inner-heart" - because both is victims of something else. Fear construct the behaviour and words try to explain.
But can you put words to fear, which is perceptuated of another species?
NO - you can only provide the words from your own.
Fear of GOD? - well - then we are back in the 2 strings. Consiouness and sub-consiouness, which are futhermore extended with several senses.
Therefore are Love and acceptance the grounds for Humans.
In dreams - you meet "the one" - so be carefull reading the symbols and be aware of the snake.
I write in avisen.dk under the nick "stenus". I'm Danish and know that "Stone-Henge" is a copy taken from the ancient ways of contact with the Heavenly Spirits and a result of Power on Earth by guidiance.
By the way - The Illuminati Jesus is called Harim Biff.
Have a nice day.

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