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Just curious as to why these "ecologically sensitive and concerned" entities spend so much energy "activating" the masses of peons when the greatest change and good would come from just a few strategic abductions and reeducation at the highest levels of government. Get the heads of State and Military of the US, China and Russia singing off the same hymn sheet and many of this world's problems would evaporate.

abercrombie españa

es como la película de la matriz que son fuente de theire. pero puede ser una razón diferente y por qué estos eventos suceden....


friend hansen i know it is not easy to understand the reality of it but if you experience these events than you will know only if you are a whise spirit than you know it allready in your heart . it is always easy to explain these events as an illusion it is not . there are people that make things up for theire own reasons but the fact is these e.t ect is not ficktion but fact . if you whant an open mind look for info on the net than if you seen interviuws like these one and others of different events of the past and now if you look with your heart than you can grow spiritualy to see more of our reality and to began look for your true self in you the answer is you what are you and know it is about us we are the ones with ingnorance to wake up is your choise , everyone choose it for itself . we only help !


sj smith, it is like the movie the matrix we are theire source . but it can be a other reason as well why these events happen . we must not worry about it the only thing is we must wake up to take control over our minds again it is the only way .


This is an amazing story!

I have studied Scientology, so I am not the least surprised by the basic mechanics of this story.

I wish more people interested in this field would study Scientology basics so they would have a common terminology for these concepts and a basic understanding of how the spirit (soul) relates to the body!

What she says about the human spirit is totally borne out by Hubbard's research.

However, Hubbard might be surprised about this ET strategy of "sending in agents" to assist the human race.

I only hope that this strategy DOES result in help for the human race!

S J Hansen, Director UFOCUS NZ Research Network

Dear S J Smith: Quite the opposite in fact. I have learnt a great deal from the Greys about our environment, the cosmos, healing, self-responsibility, technology and many other subjects. This is outlined in my book, soon to be released, as well as considerable information on their purpose or agenda. They are encouraging us to improve our own situation on planet Earth through specific education programmes providing knowledge and know-how. Perhaps your comments stem from lack of understanding or information on these factors. Stockholm Syndrome indicates collusion with your captors to enable you to survive an unpleasant ordeal. I have no fear of these entities, although I initially experienced normal human fear of their physical form before understanding their interractions and purpose. I have never been threatened by them or forced to do anythng I was uncomfortable about. I acknowledge some people claim to have had negative contact with some species of ETs, but this is not the case for me. I hope you will realise there are clearly a number of ET groups visiting our planet for various reasons, and you cannot lump all human experiences into one category, and use Stockholm Syndrome as a convenient explanation for them all.
I wish you well in your search for your truth.
S J Hansen

SJ Smith

I think Ms. Hansen has an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome. This is interference by a non-earth species that most likely perform these procedures to keep humanity from ever awakening and to keep us in their matrix for energy production, as though we are nothing more than milk cows for them. They keep us squeezed into an unnatural bandwidth frequency to the point where we think the megalithic sites must have been built by an off-planet super human species of Et, instead of a fully functioning human earth species. This article is typical and very misleading from getting to the truth of our origins.

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