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sounds very much like the 'Urantia Papers' written or "depicted" by Wilfred Kellogg to his Mental Hygiene specialist in Chicago, Dr. William Sadler sometime before 1932.

"The Urantia Papers are a collection of transcribed sessions with extraterrestrial entities, mostly non-material, which describe the structure and organization of the Universe, it’s various races and political structure as well as a detailed history of the creation and evolution of humans."

it also mentions; "One of the impressive spirits that joined the rebellion was stationed on our planet and, as a result of this treason, our world and the neighboring inhabited planets was quarantined from the rest of the local universe. This is why we know little or nothing of the local universe, inhabited worlds or spiritual authorities and have been left to wade through our ignorance."


Thank heavens! we have the Internet (we're not kept in the dark any more), especially in our 3rd dimension. And thank heavens! we have Tolec and The Andromeda Council to guide and help the human race in these turmoil times! The messages that the Procyon people give out makes far greater sense and are by far, THE more knowledgeable than any theories or attempts to explain given out by these so-called earth-bound experts! GO WITH THE FLOW! WOO HOO! 4th dimension here we come!
I love that movie AVATAR!

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