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Geoffrey Franklin of the Finn clan

I do not believe that any planes hit the buildings and many others have come to the same conclusion. If you watch closely the impact of the planes you can see there was no real impact. If there was a real impact more of the explosion would have been at the point of impact instead in the building and out completely the other side. I believe explosives that were set on the floors of the supposed impact were placed the way whoever did it thought it should look. But I think they missed it.


We must not overlook the input of Dimitri Khalezov to this discussion.

He supplies very strong evidence that all three of the buildings could have been taken down by underground nuclear devices.

This would have created a kind of "directed beam" from underneath the buildings that would have accomplished approximately the same effects that Dr. Wood noted.

The ramifications of this theory are that US government people would have been involved in the decision to "pull" the buildings, but that some external influence could have forced their hand.

After all, the destruction caused by the "airplanes" hitting the buildings would have been enough justification for the events that followed.

That the buildings were entirely destroyed suggests a wider agenda than just what the US did in the years immediately after the attacks happened.

The possibility is that there was someone involved who wanted the actual buildings destroyed, not just the people inside them killed. For example, it could be a way to cover the tracks of some clandestine heist.

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