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bernd neidenberger

why did you invade the iraq and not saudi-arabia?osama bin laden was a saudi!
the iraq has a common borderline with the jew-state israel.rumsfeld and silverstein are both jews!
will you write me,Alfred?


Microwave cell phone towers placed in small towns,like Bazine Kansas,are mini weapons,and the E.L.F. harms a humans health and disrupts D.N.A.I think the video (Land grab in America),with speaker Leuren Moret tells us a bleak prediction of our future.This information has been debated by many, and is hard to believe.Your the best Alfred.I moved away from a 195 FT. cell phone tower placed right outside my home and town in Bazine Kansas.Unhealthy situation when a whole tiny 450 person town has a gang stalking tower placed looming over it on Austin st.Bazine Kansas, inches from a zoning plan that could have protected tax paying citizens health and welfare.Western Plains elementary and Jr.high school in Bazine is only a stones throw away from tower,and radiation warning sign.Better eat two apple`s a day now Bazine.


PS There were about 300 passengers being held.


Reply to Gareth re: passengers on 9/11 flights.

Gareth, no planes crashed that day. The passengers were all taken to a military airbase - those that were not killed outright, had been taken prisoner. There was a 5th plane that day - a small commercial airplane. Someone managed to get some messages out.


Alfred, it was a controlled demolition. They used 3 underground thermo-nuclear devices - the debris was reduced to microscopic dust. It's explained in this video:

The collapse of Building 7 is explained in this video:

The primary cause of the destruction of the WTC were these nukes. However, the NWO had so much at stake that day, I believe they could not afford to take any chances. So they took out insurance by also using the molecular dissociation device - a belt and braces approach.

Those dead bodies seen lying all over the floor in WTC 7 - they were nicked from the morgues for throwing out of the skyscrapers to fool people into thinking that live people had jumped out of the building.
Read this thread on jumper fraud:


Hi, I read and re-read the articles on this blog site and I share a deep interest in the information that is put forward. With regard to the 9/11 false flag op, I have a question which I want to ask honestly without being insulting to the evidence and testimonies that were put forward. Please note, I do not wish to debunk I just want clarity. According to evidence (put forward by the government, possibly a cover-up?) What about the people who were allegedly killed on the planes that crashed into the pentagon, WTC and the field? The families testify that their loved ones were on those flights when they were "hi-jacked." Please help me by answering this question as I find the fals flag op as truth, but I can't move forward without hearing your take on this topic. Thanks for a very informative site, I love visiting on a daily basis!!!!

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