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Alfred, are you going to continue to do interviews with Tolec?


From an exopolitical point of view this is possibly really happening. When all mind control devices and mind control controllers are gone 2012-2013 time table seems to be a bright future for the human race. There’s 1 thing I don’t understand from the benevolent Extraterrestrials and maybe Tolec can ask this to the Andromeda Council. When are they going to hand people medicine against the deceases we’re not able to cure right now?


The earthquake depth was at 18 miles under the ocean floor not under the water itself. The Bay of Bengal is prob a few thousand feet itself therefore after you reach the ocean floor then you go down to 18 miles into the earth's crust!

Alig Gharagozlou

To all people here, I have a question, is it possible for a mentally stable human to be kind of possessed by some entity reptilian or some thing to give energy? I am being intentionally put back in my life, i DONT KNOW BUT I SPENT 24 hrs a day in a constnt torture, i cant meditate, nd have even probems praying to the god, please, my life is ruined, i have assed a schizophrenia screening test, and I AM HEALTY, but this thing is harvesting my energy, i was a student now i can barely count from 1 to 10 without troubles concentrating, i have thís feeling, that it keeps me down in a dip and enjoys watching me trying and struggling comming up. it uses my energy i am always tired and can not do even a job b mc donalds because i get tired very soon please help me:
[email protected]

please help me.

i beg andromea council to help me and mentor me, and maybe protect me from this things.

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