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There is no place in the ocean where the depth reaches 18 miles I don't think.
If I recollect the deepest is the Japan or Marianas Trench at roughly 7 miles. Or maybeI'm thinking of the Philippines Trench.


He must have heard something wrong in regards to the depth.The deepest in the area is 5 miles.


Alfred is making me concerned that he might think that Tolec is in communication with beings that are lying to him... I really hope that is not the case!


Let's see the deepest ocean is (like Erik said) but wasn't this an undersea base? So doesn't that mean deeper than the sea floor? I'll admit that got my attention also, so let's think about this, isn't that possible that a undersea base, could be 18.58 miles deep, and deeper than the sea floor?

Peace my brothers

Alberto Arellano

Tolec is a false flag operator so he is part of the false flag alien invasion therefore Alfred what side are you?


Alberto Please read the CAVEAT LECTOR! I am letting each person judge for themselves, and stop prijecting your stuff in me. In Light, Alfred ;-)


Why is everyone claiming what they know as the depths of the sea when nobody actually knows for sure how deep the sea bed is aside from what we've been told? C'mon guys, so many "truths" we've grown up with have been continuously disproven through the years and many more will come out that will prove we've been living a big lie.....

tommie mahone

If u google the title of the earthquake. You will find all kinds of evidence that will back his story. The truth is UNKNOWN UNTIL ITS FOUND and WHEN ITS FOUND THE TRUTH IS KNOWN ..............

Robert Stanley

ahhh l was looking forward to the big holographic show in the sky,and the fake alien invasion,jesus coming in the clouds.ahhhh shucks,all the stuff l said will happen probably won't now.What a let down,now no-one believes me,nothing ever gets
to happen.

Steve Guptill

I interact with actual extra dimensional beings, and none of them look even remotely Nordic... Or human for that matter... See more at www.facebook.com/figureeight

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