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Alfred Lambremont Webre

Lee - I am a dual citizen: Canadian-American. I am happy to let you know I will be a be once again a guest on Gov. Ventura's program in Spring 2012, this time on the subject of time travel.

In Light, Alfred ;-)


As much as I like Jesse Ventura, I feel he doesn't really like Canadians very much. I base this on the first year of his show Conspiracy Theory when Alex Jones introduced him to a Canadian Reporter, Daniel Estulin, who has been following the Bilderbergers for quite awhile along with Jim Tucker. And Daniel was telling him about the elites plan to get rid of Canadians and Jesse cut him off. Which I thought was rude, so it doesn't surprise me that he threw Alfred under the bus!
Just my theory, no conspiracy!

diane vincent

piers morgan u dont know enough to be interviewing someone like jesse ventura, u are ignorant and its boring, do more independant research so u can get more up to date , then interview these kinds of people

Ginger Vogler

I wouldn't trust Ventura to protect his own mother's back.

Chewbit Wing

Piers Morgan is an Elite asset.

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